Excessive Hotel Demands in Spain??

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EmHen2018 Posts: 1
Hi All, I'm getting married in Spain in September and am already fed up of our hotel. Firstly they are trying to enforce minimum night stays of 4 and 5 nights on people which I have challenged and now they are looking for a 50% deposit now for rooms booked for bridal party. This was never mentioned before!The wedding planner doesn't seem to want to do anything to help or acknowledge the fact the hotel are making up 'policies' as they go. I have searched their website and cant find anything about either of these so called policies. So fed up at this stage, its really put me off the hotel :( We have already paid a sum of money to them! Can anyone advise is this the norm?? Thanks xx
janesws Posts: 1
Hi EmHen, In reply to your post, unfortunately the hotels do try to make the most of 'Weddings'. With regards to accommodation I have also seen that hotels will try to get rooms booked for 4 or 5 nights as this is a guaranteed income. It's such a shame that you have already paid the deposit as you are not in a position to change the hotel without losing money. Are you getting married on the coast? It might be cheaper to rent apartments or villas for your guests. Unfortunately, this situation is outside of the planners control, however, if you have a good planner they should have known this from the beginning, and if nothing was relayed to the planner from the hotel, then the planner should argue the case for you. Good luck!