Exchange of Tokens

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Lalabal Posts: 81
Hi Girls. Just wondering are many of ye doing the exchange of tokens after the exchange of the rings? I've seen it in a few mass booklets and I am just finishing doing my booket up now and I'm not sure if we should add it in or leave it out. For those who are doing it, what token are you using? I know a lot of jewellers give them with the wedding bands but I don't think that ours does. Thanks :xxs
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
We did it...he gave me a silver dollar that my brothers had used and I gave him a euro (!) with an owl on it cause I have an obsession with owls
SR0205 Posts: 254
We did it too. We used a coin from the jewellers with our names and date engraved on it - just because it was ours. We also used the coin that my parents used for theirs - for sentimental reasons. I think it's a nice gesture.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I love the gesture of the exchange of tokens. He gave me the coin his father gave his mum and I gave him a silver dollar my late grandfather gave me.