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aston Posts: 4100
Morning guys, Quick question..... My cousin has started this new job. She was made redundant a couple of months ago and was delighted to start up again about 3 weeks ago in a new office. It is in the same sector and she used to love this type of work but the new boss is a bit (slight understatement) of a wagon! The new boss gives her no responsibility of her own and is constantly on her case. She has applied to jobs advertised though recruitment agencies etc and is wondering how do you answer the question...... Why are you leaving your current job? She doesnt want a new prospective employer to look at her negatively because of problems with current employer. Can anyone tell me what she should say? Should she be honest and say she cant get on with new employer or should she lie and say she is looking for bigger and better office etc (current office is small). Thanks for help in advance. She is very upset in her new job. x
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I think it will depend on the type of company she is looking at moving towards? If it's a bigger company then I would put it that there is more opportunity for advancement or promotion. Could she say that it's an awkward travel for her to current job and is looking for something that will be closer to home/ less of a commute? If I think of anymore I'll let you know but I wouldn't be saying that the current boss is a wagon.
aston Posts: 4100
Thanks bride-2b! The travel distance to this job is like a 15 minute walk for her so no probs there! Agree with the advancement and promotion etc as company she with now is small and has no room for progressing within the company! She said this morn that she doesnt care about money anymore once she is happy in her job! Feel sorry for her as she is so upset about it. It really makes a diff if you are happy in your job doesnt it! Thanks for your help! Any other ideas guys?
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Well the commute excuse is out so! The only thing is though she's only there for 3 weeks! It's not really long enough to get a feel for the place! I'm not saying stop looking for something else but maybe give it more of a chance! I think at this stage she has nothing to lose by going to the boss and laying her cards on the table - tell her she's not happy, would like more responsibility etc. If it's that bad she can't make it worse and it may make the boss respect her a bit more if she sees that she won't be pushed around?
aston Posts: 4100
Have said that to her but she is convinced that the boss will not change if she does confront her etc. Agree that she is there only 3 weeks and give it a chance etc. Will say it to her and really appreciate all the advice and help bride-2b Thanks a mill :thnk :wv
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
No problem! I do know what it's like to have a terrible manager and I have left a job before over it! I will never forget what it's like to come home every day from work in tears but I would never allow myself to be treated like that again! Always swore I would stand up for myself and stuff them if they didn't like it!
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
If she's only been there 3 weeks does she need to put the current job on her CV? Couldn't she just not mention it at all?
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
why doesnt she just say that the role she is currently in is a 3 month contract (or something like that) and that she is obviously looking for something more permanent so is still looking around. I would certainly not say that she doesnt get on with her boss...no perspective boss wants to hear that.
kittenheels Posts: 59
Hi Aston, I agree with another poster, don't mention the other job at all, or if your cousin feels he/she should mention it, simply say that the job was not at all what was advertised or agreed and he/she felt it proper to leave that job at this stage before it got more difficult for him/her and the company.
aston Posts: 4100
[quote="pigeonwife":3kxeeb6j]If she's only been there 3 weeks does she need to put the current job on her CV? Couldn't she just not mention it at all?[/quote:3kxeeb6j] Would the current job not be mentioned on her P45? I like the idea of telling recruitment agency / new employer that position she is in now is just for 3 months... Thanks x