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Carmcd Posts: 146
hey ladies, this is prob a really stupid question, but when should I be using my exercise ball and what exactly should I be doing on it...? :-8 I know its useful for last couple of weeks to get head to engage but I dont want to bring on labour iykwim. Car :thnk
strangeangel Posts: 1269
Don't worry, you won't bring on labour by using one, unless you're thinking of using it far more inventively than I ever did :) They're great for just sitting on while you're watching tv or whatever, roll your hips slightly in a circular motion as you do. You'll naturally hold your body in a much better position than you would slouching on the couch. Maybe search YouTube for prenatal yoga videos to give you more ideas about ways to use it to help with back pain etc - you can kneel and lean your upper body against the ball with your arms folded over it, for example.
Carmcd Posts: 146
thanks strangeangel :wv never thought of checking out youtube.