Exercise during pregnancy

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BrideStuff.com Posts: 229
Just wanted to get a general view point on this.I'm a dancer about to go into rehearsals.My employers have been made aware of my (very early)pregnancy and have agreed to take it easy on me...only doing what I'm comfortable doing.I will be in rehearsals every day from 10-6 and nothing i do will be high-impact. My doctor's advise was not to do it as I had a previous m/c but I think its better to exercise than not..and listen to your own bodies needs along the way. But obviously I'm worried about not taking his advice.I think he reckons there might be a lot of lifting and supporting other people (which I won't be doing) and sit-ups etc. Has anyone else exercised in the first trimester?Or could anyone who's had a baby before give me any advice on what I should avoid?
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I'd be wary of ignoring doctor's advice but on the other hand some doctors go way overboard with some stuff! Depending on what kind of dancing it is I might continue for a while! Especially if you are used to that much rehearsals? I was 4 months pregnant when I did Irish dancing exams and the examiners only found out afterwards that I was pregnant! They were amazed and said they would never have guessed! It didn't affect my dancing at all but wasn't as grueling a schedule as what you are talking about and I didn't have a previous m/c!
mamabelle Posts: 1101
I personally would be afraid to chance it. Especially with a history of m/c. Babs is particularly vulnerable in the 1st trimester. Even yoga is limited to breathing and relaxation during this period. Massages are a no-no. Other thing to think about is pregnancy hormones can over-relax muscles and you could do yourself an injury...
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Personally I wouldn't ignore doctors advice only because if (god forbid) anything happened I'd never forgive myself. Sorry.
Barbalou Posts: 1617
I go with what the doctors advice is, you don't say if your previous MC was attributed to anything in particular? Do you really want to take the change of another? I understand why you would think it's better to exercise than not, I can't do anything at the moment and I find it very frustrating but after 3 MC's and an ectopic I'm following my GPS advice to the letter
Rocky Posts: 465
I played gaelic football for 1st 4 mths of both my pregnancies. if you are used to the level of intensity that you exercising at then i think you would be fine, its just extra or new types of exercise where you wouldnt be used to it is when id worry. not saying you should ignore the doctor but you'll know yourself if you are not up to it or not just my opinion, rocky
BrideStuff.com Posts: 229
Thanks everyone.Yeah, Ive decided to go ahead with the show but at a much reduced rate of physical exertion.My employers know I'm pregnant and have adapted everything accordingly...hard to keep it all secret though when all the other dancers are working overtime to compensate! Basically, I'm doing a reduced dance class each morning...lots of stretching which I am well used to. And then, more acting than dancing rehearsals for the rest of the day. I am feeling the tiredness more than usual at the end of each day.But I think its a matter of adapting to that and getting a good night's sleep every night. Rocky, Good to hear that gaelic football for 4 months did no harm!At the end of the day, it's about knowing your own body and being very in tune with whats going on.