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Ivory Bride Posts: 111
we are currently ttc, At the moment I go to the gym at least 4 nights a week - I was wondering if all goes to plan and i get a BFP - Is it still ok to do this amount of exercise if able? or what I could do, I think I would go insane if I had to cut it out completely....
tasket Posts: 306
Hi Ivory Bride, From what I've read you can continue doing any exercise you were doing before you got pg, you're just not supposed to try & increase your level of fitness while you're pg. So for example if you were running 3 miles a day before you could keep that up once you got pg (well until it gets uncomfortable anyway!), but if you'd done no exercise before getting pg then it would be a bad idea to try & run 3 miles one day. I was running on the treadmill before pg, I felt pretty crappy in the 1st tri so I had to stop then but since I've felt better I've been on it again - not running, but doing fast walking. But I've a friend who runs long-distances (marathons and such), she had no m/s so was able to keep up her training for her 1st and 2nd trimesters. She didn't race anymore, but kept up the running. Got a bit uncomfortable in the 3rd tri with the big belly so she switched to walking. She had a very easy labour and now has a bouncing 4-month-old boy! So there's no reason you can't keep up your current fitness regime once you get pg.
Ivory Bride Posts: 111
Thanks for that info - thats good to know... :D Hopefully Ill still have the energy ...