Exercise - how are you getting on?

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Grey Alien Posts: 699
Hi all, Just wondering how you're getting on with exercise during your pregnancy? I've already got a gym membership and am thinking of suspending it. I've been going on and off but when I went last week, my heart just wasn't in it. I took it easy enough but I just hated every minute of it and it deffo felt much harder than usual. I feel so guilty because I promised myself I'd do cardio regularly for labour reasons etc but I just can't face the gym anymore esp when it gets packed. I'm going to book into pilates or yoga soon but a lot of them prefer you to be in your second trimester and I'm just over 6 months now. I thought maybe I could do evening walks with DH but the weather will get colder and be unpredictable so I'm kind off put off by that as well. I'm turning into such a lazy sod :o( How are you all getting on?
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
I'm walking most days with dog and doing pregnancy yoga once a week. Went for a long walk with dh and buddy last week and was uncomfortable at end. Felt a lot of pressure in tummy. Think walk was just bit too long. Loving the yoga.
kohl Posts: 108
Im walking, not every day as some days the weather just puts me off. But try to go 3/4 times a week, (helps that the dogs sit looking at me to get off the couch and bring them out) and I do yoga once a week. Though the yoga is very tame, and I don't really think it can be classed as exercise, stretching, breathing, relaxing it wouldn't have you breaking into a sweat but its a nice way to spend an hour once a week. I keep saying I am going to start swimming but I seem to keep putting it off. Friends said they found it great during pregnancy but its a lot of effort in the winter.
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
Before I got pregnant I lost a stone and went from couch potato to jogging a couple of times a week. The first couple of months of pg I was shattered and did nothing and got completely out of routine. I'm now 39 weeks pg and its only in the last couple of weeks I have started walking on the treadmil for an hour at a time every other day and I'm loving it. I'm also doing extra bits like walking up and down the stairs a few times and fun stuff like sticking on music in the evening and dancing like a looney with the kids! Anything to get myself moving around.
sshh Posts: 416
I did some swimming def recommend it. You feel weightless in the water and I found it so relaxing. I was in the pool at 3.30 pm baby arrived 12 hours later I swear it was the swimming!!
LuckyYear2013 Posts: 3972
After not having any energy in the first few months, I've started yoga, and find it very relaxing. Also planning on starting swimming soon. I did some about a month ago, when we were away for a weekend, and found it great, so looking forward to getting into it.. I'd like to do some more walking too, but the weather isn't really helping. Hate going out in the rain, I'm getting lazy when it's wet and putting on the fire and chilling for the evening instead
Grey Alien Posts: 699
God girls, you are all putting me to such shame here. I wouldn't be the best swimmer in the world plus having to shave my legs all the time is a bit of a pain (I get dark hairs so there's no getting away with it). I can't imagine I'll be getting into a pool anytime soon however......aqua aerobics might be an idea. At least that's only once a week, so if I combine that with pilates and some walking, maybe I've found my combination?? hmmm
Cania Posts: 38
Im 12 weeks next week and i didn't have the energy over the last few weeks to do anything. Id love to start Pregnancy Yoga or Pilates, would anyone know of any good classes in Cork city?
cupcak Posts: 125
Yeah the swimming is great, I am trying to go 2/3 times a week plus alot of walking. Feels good to be getting some exercise in, and the fresh air when out walking makes me feel great. I did alot of running pre pregnancy but after about 20 weeks I moved to walking as bottom of my back was under pressure!!
Pillow Posts: 58
Grey Alien - where are you based? There is an excellent antenatal aqua aerobics class in the NAC run by a physiotherapist. http://www.eurekahydrotherapy.com/classes.htm#Time