Exercise in pregnancy

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DiamondWife Posts: 1347
Hi Girls I have just found out i'm pregnant and am wondering about exercise i normally walk 5 times a week and lift light weights - can i continue to do this???? thanks in advance
Mrslovealot Posts: 656
Congratulations! Enjoy your pregnancy - it's so wonderful. Talk to your doctor about exercise cause everyone is different. He/she will advise you based on your own circumstance.
DiamondWife Posts: 1347
Thanks for the reply MrsLovealot - I was with the doc yesterday but totally forgot to ask!! I'll ask her on my next visit!!!! Thanks again :thnk
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
I'd imagine you'd be fine seeing as you're used to it. Anyone know if you can use the ab-roller/do sit ups when pregnant? Obviously when I've a bump I won't be physically able but at the moment can I?
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
The rule of thumb is that if it was exercise that you used to do before you got pg, then it is usually fine. For specific things like weights, I would check with doctor though.
veggie1 Posts: 30
i'm 32 weeks pregnant and have been walking nearly 5 miles a day. like my doc told me the ladies in the fields in 3rd world countries have to do it no reason why we can't. also your body is used to the walks so your not going to be putting it in to excercise shock. am finding the walks now getting a little difficult and my pace has gone from speed walk to just a walk but it'll stand to you when labour comes.... apparently and also its good to maintain a level of fitness during and after pregnancy.
mrs. now08 Posts: 29
Hi, When i got pregnant, i got my gym to do a new programme for me that would be suitable for pregnancy and the general rule seems to be is if you were doing it before you got pregnant, its ok to continue with it. The things she did change was lower my weights and no stomach exercises and told me to buy a heart rate monitor to make sure my heart rate didnt go over 135 It would probably be best to check with doctor or gym cause as the girls has said already, everyone is different.
Excitingtime Posts: 321
I exercised a lot before but was told to stop as I was experiencing some pains and threatened miscarriage. So I stopped and felt fine but was still told not to until after 12 weeks. My advice would be to talk to your doctor or else just walk a lot. Walking, yoga and swimming are the best and safest.