Exercises at home to get rid of bingo wings

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crazycatlady15 Posts: 149
Hi everyone, Could any of you fitness gurus suggest some exercises for getting rid of bingo wings? Apart from the wedding and work (and travel commitments), I'm also studying for a degree so I really don't have the time to be hitting the gym three nights a week. I'm not a skinny minnie by any account (I'm a size 14-16) but I'm fit and healthy. I'm happy with my body everywhere else, so not really too concerned with crazy workouts. Will kettle bells do the job and what weight? Or would I be as well off with bean tins and bags of sugar?? Without sounding like a tight arse, I know if I buy kettle bells that they'll just sit there gathering dust after the wedding so just trying to be practical! TIA x
Joyce18 Posts: 96
I'm trying to tone my arms aswell, I've 11 months and 6 days to do it!! :D I bought a set of weights in Argos. They're 1kg, 2kg and 3kg weights which will be good for progression. I've found brilliant exercises on Pinterest. So far I've been using them as the dinner is cooking, that way I have a set time and am more inclined to use them :) Best of luck with your goal!
corkbride2016 Posts: 7
Hi, I am also trying to reduce my bingo wings and my wedding is in 2 weeks! If you are new to weights I would suggest starting with a full two litre bottle of water in each arm. A few reps of bicep curls, lateral raises, hammer curls, shoulder press, front raise, bent over lateral raise (great for your upper back). What I have noticed is no matter how much arm exercises you do nothing can better running or if you have access to one is a cross trainer. Best of luck!!
ashcapp Posts: 31
I absolutely love kettlebells! I do find that I like them for more all over toning and getting some added cardio in, but they can definitely aid in adding some definition and toning the arms. Since you don't have a lot of down time, I'd suggest doing online workouts- ... I love how great those work and you can stream from anywhere. They have a ton of weighted or body weight exercises on there and try to follow every day, but if you can't really make sure you mix up exercises with both weights and body weight! It's amazing how much work your shoulders get from planks, mountain climbers, side toners, plank jacks, pushups, etc. A tip I always like to give busy people is workout every day no matter what and remember that 10min is better than 0min, so if 10min is all you have one day, still workout!
debrahall Posts: 12
Hi there, thanks for sharing.