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bkeenan Posts: 15
Hi, My wife is 20 weeks pregnant and she is looking for an expandable button for her trousers? A girl at work told her about it. MotherCare didn't have it. Does anyone know if such a thing exists and where she might get it. Best of luck to all mothers to be and ahem (fathers to be). B
lisa Posts: 1612
Havent come across expandable button but you can get Ballet belts in mothercare/topshop/h&m that you put on over waist and it means you can leave button open! Any help?
Mrs JM Posts: 67
Dorothy Perkins sell trousers with expandable buttons on the waistline.Maybe these are the ones they are talking about?
Diddums Posts: 204
You used to be able to get these in the pregnancy shop on Dawson St. but I went down there last Thursday to get some for myself to find it had closed down ! Assuming we're thinking about the same thing they are elasticated patches of material with a button on one end and a hole on the other end which you put between your open trouser top to shield the bump and keep the trousers up. A few people I know swore by them. If anyone else knows where you can get them I'd really love to know !
sligo06 Posts: 513
I bought mine in the pregnancy store and subsequently found out that Elora Maternity do them also and were much cheaper €22 - they also do the bando bands which I use with the belt to cover it up. I've found this great for wearing non-maternity work suits.
junglegirl Posts: 239
I have seen these buttons on e-bay.I have ordered two,not at that stage yet but the way i'm going it wont be long!
Diddums Posts: 204
Found another source ! ... &PID=KB112
Cristalle Posts: 110
I think stocks them too