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Pixelsgirl Posts: 290
Girls....I am 10 wks today & already some trousers are not closing & work trousers are getting fairly tight. Didnt think I would be thinking of new clothes already...Is anyone else finding this. Have started back exercising the last few days just so get too big so soon. Get just a bigger clothes size? P
babybrain Posts: 592
I was in maternity jeans from 10 weeks onwards. I bought bigger sized jeans but they were baggy around the thighs and butt, so I gave in. Maybe i didn't need them , but I'm bloody comfortable now so that's all that matters :o0 i know people say stay out of maternity clothes as long as you can, but my theory is, that it's better to be comfortable and feel good than to try and squeeze into your normal clothes. I havent a bump or anything, it's probably all bloating still, but either way, my normal clothes were hurting.
2calm Posts: 187
Pixelsgirl I was the same at 10 weeks. People told me it was probably just fluid and that it should go down in a few weeks. But to be honest it didn’t, I've just got steadily bigger. I think everybody is different and you might go down. But I bought my 1st pair of comfortable maternity trousers at 10 weeks as my normal trousers were digging in and I haven’t gone back. But then I know people at my stage who are still in their old clothes! I think some of us are just destined to be big and some not! Best of luck with your pregnancy.
baby peanut Posts: 810
I've only two pairs of trousers left that fit me! I'm gonna stick them out until I tell people though. I find I'm not too bad in the morning but by evening I look about 5 months gone :-8
evenstar Posts: 367
I'm the same with only 2 pairs of trousers left - I have a massive bloaty belly! Will have to go shopping soon! A friend who's due around the same time as me rang me yesterday to say that New Look in Liffey Valley has maternity trousers on sale for €12 if that's any help! I think i'll have to go have a look :-) evenstar
sinion Posts: 6050
belly band!! can't recommend them highly enough. Topshop, €8, it's a big stretchy piece of material that goes around your waist so you can wear your normal trouser but with the buttons (and later zip!) open [img:2vzua2tb]http://www.bellydancematernity.com/files/images_main/bnd1f5.jpg[/img:2vzua2tb] I bought a few and lived in them from around 11 weeks up to last week when I finally had to buy proper maternity trousers
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Hi Girls.. I had to buy maternity jeans at 12 weeks after borrowing bigger sized ones for 2 weeks before this as I had nothing!!! The 2 pairs of jeans that I bought in Next are still perfect and getting great wear out of them at 23 weeks!! Best buy ever! :o)ll :o)ll I have bought a few more bits again since but love the comfort of the jeans. They are the ones with the elastic in the pockets.. if that makes sense? :hic Just enjoy cos as I discovered even if you are eating fairly healthy and you are some way active you will still just expand at whatever rate baby wants anyways!! :o0 :o0 It is no longer in your control :eek
Lemon8 Posts: 367
Gawd I'm only 5 weeks and I tried on loads of work trousers last night and although most of them close they feel very tight and uncomfortable at the stomach. Going to buy a size up today. My stomach is bloated due to having to go to the bathroom(no.2) 2-3 times a day! Can't wait to buy maternity jeans/trousers! :o)ll