Experiences of using clomid

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cherries Posts: 68
Hi, I haven't had a period in about 10 weeks after a few long cycles-8 weeks aerage. i was so regular until the miscarriage last august. was thinking about asking gp to put me on clomid, has anyone any opinions good or bad? any severe side effects?
so_clear Posts: 397
Hi Cherries, I just googled for side effects and found some here: [url:8cstxenq]http://infertility.about.com/od/clomid/a/clomidsideeffct.htm[/url:8cstxenq] Although, it's always possible to find scary stuff on the web... Have you considered taking agnus castus and B6 or trying acupuncture? They might be gentler alternatives to try first. The best of luck whatever you decide to do. *)
shoegals Posts: 1640
Hi Cherries, I think you should go back to your doctor and tell them what happened since the last miscarraige. They will probably send you for blood tests to see your hormone levels and then possibly give you clomid to bring on a period. I've taken different levels of clomid on several occasions and it's not easy to take. It's progesterone so gives you that pmt feeling. Good thing is you only take it for three to five days and then see if you get a period, there is a chance too that you can conceive while taking it too. Go to your doc and hopefully they will sort this out for you. Let me know how you get on. Shoegals
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
it worked a treat for 2 friends of mine.They both said they were very hormonal on it but it was well worth the end result.
cherries Posts: 68
Thanks for the replies girls, i agree it is a drastic step i suppose i'm just going through a majorly pissed off stage. I have to admit I hate taking medicine and haven't tken anything other than painkillers for the odd killer hangover in years. I'll see what gp says. would ye recommend maybe agnus cactus to start?
cherries Posts: 68
Hi girls, I went to gp this morning and he took a urine sample and some bloods. urine sample for sugars i think which was ok. I thought the bloods were for thyroid function only but he seemed to have about 5 different samples, any idea what else they test for at this stage? he also said if/when af returns he will bring me in on day 21 for bloods, is this to test for ovulating? bad news is that he said i'm probably not ovulating based on what i told him about my cycles :o( . if the tests confirm this what is the next step?
SpringBride Posts: 406
Hi Cherries, day 21 bloods will determine if you are ovulating and progesterone levels think. Im starting clomid next month due to my cycle being irregular, the doctor says it should help me ovulate and regulate the period, usually they will try clomid first to help with the ovulation, let us know how it goes, or any questions just give me a shout! I had my lap yesterday and am still a bit groggy today so probably not making much sense *)
shoegals Posts: 1640
Cherries, These are the tests I had: FSH (Follicle Stimulated Hormone) this kicks off the estrogen, LH which should be a ratio of the FSH and the Estrogen. Then Estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and thyroid. Test results are normally back within 14 days as I think the hormone tests go to the UK for analysis. Hopefully you should get the results and it will get things moving again. Let us know how you get on. Shoegals
oldwolnewman Posts: 58
hi there i conceived my son after taking clomid. I was trying for 18 months before i was prescribed this by my gynae in the Coombe. the 21 bloods were explained there for you by shoegal so i won't repeat them. I didn't have that many side effects on the clomid, I was hormonal more than normal defo and I sweated a lot but defo it is worth it. You have taken the first step in going to the GP and he'll prob refer you on to gynae but either way I hope you get the results you are looking for, and deserve, soon.
shoegals Posts: 1640
Cherries, How's it going have you got your bloods back? Shoegals