Exposure to chicken pox

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pluto Posts: 3893
Hi girls, I'm just wondering if any of you can shed some light. My mum was visiting my aunt yesterday, who was in bed sick, and also had a rash. She's just heard from her now to say she has just been diagnosed with chicken pox. I was up with my mum at lunch time today for about an hour. She rang me there now worried sick telling me get onto the doc straight away. I can't get through, its like the phone is off the hook. I'm not sure how much of a risk I'm at.....and to be honest I'm not even sure what the risks are. I just know there is one. Anyone know would I need an injection or anything?
Idina Posts: 1289
Have you ever had chisken pox? If you had then you are fine
Port Princess Posts: 1154
I think its only a concern if you havn't had it yourself :wv
jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
as far as i know if your aunt had the rash when your mum visited then she was already past the infective stage. i could be wrong tho.
pluto Posts: 3893
Thanks for the replies girls. I did have it myself when I was younger, so maybe I'm okay. I got through to doc anyway, she was with a patient so she's ringing me back. I think my poor mother is more worried than I am, god love her.
tras Posts: 1460
You're grand, if you've had it yourself all is fine. I hadn't had it and got the doctor to check but I was immune anyway.
pluto Posts: 3893
Well, doc just rang back there and confirmed that as part of my antenatal blood test they checked for antibodies....which are there, so I've nothing at all to worry about. Phew!
naughtybutnice Posts: 1858
Think you're grand once you've had it yourself but if you go to the NHS Direct website and look up common questions in pregnancy they'll no doubt have an answer for you there.
KarBren Posts: 128
hi girls, i never really post over here as i'm neither pregnant nor ttc but when i saw the chicken pox query i thought i'd post my own experience. i got the chicken pox last spring having already had it when i was younger - it IS possible to get it twice. Furthermore my sister was pregnant at the time (due this week :o)ll ) and while her anitbodies were in the ok range we were advised that i should have a zero contact with her until each little blister had fully scabbed over. This scabbing signals the end of the infectious period, not the appearance of the rash itself although you are infectious for a period before any rash appears. basically better to be safe than sorry. hth