Expressions or words that bug you!

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Penny Hill Posts: 1898
For me its the expression 'happy out'. I don't know why really. A friend of mine has just started using it a lot, and i find it irritating :o0 strange i know. But then it got me thinking, there is another word that bugs me more than anything, it makes me squirm - 'brutal'. Am i the only freak that has these?!!
gemggem Posts: 270
What bugs me is when someone says "No bothers", have no problem with "No bother" when its no bother to do something but there's a guy at work that adds an "s" to the end of it and it drives me bananas!!
skitchums Posts: 1283
Oh I hate "my bad" >:o( Also, when people put up " or "" on their facebook status, that sets me off!! O:| :o0
M Chereux Posts: 391
When people say "If you know what I mean" at the end of their post as the majority of the time YES WE KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN - and then to abbreviate it IYKWIM!!!!
LullaBelle11 Posts: 1159
I don't get the whole .com thing either! I really hate 'lol' or 'lmao'!! I never use these, I would rather write 'haha'
okan Posts: 380
Good topic! I have loads! I am beginning to think I am the least tolerant person in the world! My top ones are: LOL I really hate LOL. Also, I also HATE my "heart goes out to you/her/him/them" etc. Cringe. :-8
finet Posts: 403
ha ha I hate that stuff too its so 1997! and I dislike 'happy out' but I actually like the word brutal! but I know what you mean I seem to develop these irritations constantly and its so much worse lately (less tolerance due to pregnancy?) my main irritation is written rather than verbal acutally - its people sticking apostrophes into plurals as in - "plural's" - I know we all make mistakes with typing and spelling and grammar and I'm no different but I know some people who consistently do it and it drives me up the wall. I also hate when RTE newsreaders say Gárdaí (gawrdee) instead of Gardaí. I think I must be crazy sometimes to let myself get annoyed with that but i do! and I really really hate when people say "I'm not being bad but...she looks like an elephant/<some other extremely horrible and unnecessary comment>" Same for "I'm not being racist but.." etc etc. Actually YOU ARE!! Aghgh I'm all riled up now. I'm sure I will think of 60 other expressions now... :o0
mommylicious Posts: 836
My oh is saying 'shamone' at the end of his sentences at the moment, and it makes me want to stab him in the eye.
sally cinnamon Posts: 158
lol is my absolute top pet hate along with omg text speak also really bugs me, especially if its from someone old enough to know better
happieout Posts: 3111
I don't mind 'happy out' myself, surprise surprise! Though I hate 'cheers', 'in all fairness' and 'I'm not being bad but..' yes, you are being bad!!