Extra few bob in pay as result of Mat benefit???

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happymonkey Posts: 555
Hi girls, I'll post this in M&K too. I am very grateful for being entitled to paid leave when I go out and as the hubby has been without income I'd love if anyone could give me a very vague idea. A colleague of mine said that I'll notice a slight increase while out due to the fact that the maternity benefit is non-taxable. I know it depends on a persons wage but was it like an extra €100 a month for some or was it less? Every bit helps and I'm just curious. Thanks,
ellybelly Posts: 305
Hi Happymonkey Tax, PRSI, PRD and USC are not deducted from your MB so you will get relief on all of these so you should see a bit extra in your salary each month. In my job they used to pay my normal salary and I would just send my MB cheques directly to them. When my ML was up I got a full refund of tax and prsi (the others hadnt been introduced then) and as far as I can remember I got about €2,000 back :o)ll Since then my job has changed the way they do it.. I will now hold on to my MB cheque each week and they will deduct the months amount from my salary. When my ML is over I can claim my tax, prsi and USC back from the relevant places. HTH's x
CherylC Posts: 1071
It depends what tax rate you are on. I think it would be If you are on the regular tax rate, I assume it could be around 25% of the €262 per week, so an extra €50 per week. If you are on top rate of tax it would be almost 50% of the €262 per week, so an extra €130 per week.
happymonkey Posts: 555
Thanks so much, it'd certainly be a great help. Cheers
StylishB Posts: 143
Hi mummies to be, God I have never heard any of this, thanks for the heads up....In 2008 i got maternity benefit cheque paid into my bank account and work made up the difference to bring me up to my monthly salary which was great - This time round i think i am going to give my employer the cheques and they pay me my usual salary. Am i entitled to claim anything back from 2008, my first pregnancy do you think or is it too late now ??? Who do i contact to find this out ?? Which is the better option anyhow or is there a difference when it comes to claiming tax back ??
silverlight Posts: 628
I was up about €600 a month while on maternity leave because of not being taxed. :wv
Mammy nua Posts: 241
I'm not entitled to any pay from work so will just be getting state benefit. Can i transfer all my allowances to my husband while i'm off?
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Dueinaugust, whether or not you can transfer your allowances depends on how you are currently assessed for tax. Firstly have you notified your marriage to the Revenue? I assume you have and you would have had to advise them how you wanted to be assessed for tax at that time. There are 3 options. If you have Joint Assessment one of you will be getting all the tax credits anyway I think. If you have Separate Assessment where you split the tax credits down the middle you can transfer any unused credits to your DH at the end of the tax year. If you have opted for Single Assessment, i.e. the two of you to be assessed the same as Single people, as if you never married, you can't transfer any unused credits. Check your tax credit notice that you would have got at the start of the year. I'm sure you could still change your method of assessment for the current tax year if you wanted if your current means of assessment doesn't allow you to transfer. Best advice would be to ring your local Revenue Office.
Mrs P2be Posts: 453
Srry to hijack but delphinium - Im married a year next week and didnt say anything to the revenue - silly me i think as a result im possibly paying too much tax as Hubby is on an off the dole. who do i ring to get fixed up? what do i need to have ready to ring them? So sorry I am absolutely clueless!
cappucino Posts: 160
HI MrS Ptobe, Yes I got married last summer and only rang the tax office about a month ago. I told them the date we got married and also explained that my husband had lost his job. They should have a record of his p60 and then they will back date everything to then. in the year you get married you get an allowance so they send you a cheque for that.. we both got a cheque and got about 1600 all together- well worth the phone call. then I also paid a lot less tax last month? thing is husband thankfully is now back in work - so not sure if I call them again as I wont be paid when on maternity leave so should now transfer all my credits to him? I think i will call them as they are in general very good at advise - and if you get someone crap, you can just call back again.. every little helps as they say... and definitly if one of you is on the dole...