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Annc83 Posts: 14
Hi all, Just wondering, after all the big obvious things, what extra touches are you planning or what has been your favourite at a wedding you attended. It's so difficult to not get carried away and want everything, where to draw the line
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We both really enjoyed planning our wedding and had lots of personal/extra touches. It was so much fun adding in our personalities, really making the day ours. I love the reading "love is patient, love is kind", so made luggage tags with each line on it to hang from our pew ends. I made YAY flags for after the ceremony - guests waved them instead of throwing confetti. We had an ice cream van outside the church which was perfect on a very sunny day in May. The guests really loved it! Myself and my husband love to bake, so at the drinks reception we had a dessert table filled with homemade treats. We included thongs like his favourite truffles, my favourite brownies, my grandmother's signature fruit loaf and his grandmother's signature apple tart, among others. Again, the gets loved this! We had our church singer performed during the drinks reception which added to the atmosphere. We displayed our engagement shoot photos in various frames around the manor house along with our favourite love quotes. This really made the venue feel like a home from home. We had speech length bingo betting cards on the table, which really got the tables talking - fierce competition! Our favours of mini tic tacs were also personal to us and the story of how we first met. We had the usual flip flop crate and bathroom baskets which gets were very appreciative of. We also had a childhood photo of the bride and groom on the door of the male and female toilets which was very cute! My husband made a dancefloor rules sign, which guests also loved - it encouraged plenty of danceoffs! I put together a basket of blankets for anyone who got chilly in the evening when sitting outside. My husband rented a light up heart shaped sign as a surprise for me which was so amazing! I had really wanted one but hadn't it in the original budget. It looked beautiful on the stage during dinner and then on the dancefloor. We had our first dance outside which is something I've always wanted to do. It was a little different and very romantic! I loved every minute of it and the photos look amazing with the fire pits and lanterns in the courtyard. We also did a lot of DIY, which as a crafty couple, made it all quite personal to us. One aunt even commented how the invites, mass booklets, tears of joy pockets, menus, betting cards, cufflinks all had the same font! Little details are so worth it as your guests do notice!! It also worth noting that the little extras don't need to be expensive, the simplest things can add to your day and to the experience of the guests.
miselorr Posts: 29
Nearly a year married and I check this site every so often to reminisce!! Anyway I was big into the touches myself (a teacher so off and had plenty (DH would say too much!!!) time on my hands... But the one thing that keeps getting mentioned again and again even to this day was the personal note that was left for each guest at their table. was a little bit time consuming but so so so worth it :) Happy planning and ENJOY it all... :o)ll it's true what they say it's over before you know it :weep
Annc83 Posts: 14
Lovely ideas ladies, thanks for sharing
ClairebearO Posts: 80
Hi miselorr, can I ask how you did the personal messages? Did you have them printed? On paper or card? I think it's a beautiful idea, I just can't visualise how best to do it. Thanks :)
miselorr Posts: 29
Clairebearo of course. I bought hard paper from the local arts and crafts shop as well as a big round hole puncher and elasticated string. I then cut out all the big circles with the puncher. Afterwards I punched in a little hole in the corner-you could use just a standard single hole puncher though I bought a little heart shaped one-not too expensive. I wrote name of guest on one side and put the message on the opposite side. Then with the string I made a hoop through the hole in the card and the hotel staff put them on the wine glass for me. :) It worked like a placename as well. Was actually really easy. :) Enjoy the countdown :heartbeat: :o)ll :o)ll Wish I was doing it again :hyper: PS I handwrote it. It was easier!
wifey2be2016 Posts: 52
Miselorr - Love that idea. Did you right the same thing on each card or what did you say!?
miselorr Posts: 29
Of course... My h2b did his side and I did mine... so close friends were easy - thanked them, told them how much they meant to me and went down memory lane with a story from "fadó fadó". The difficult ones were obviously people I didn't know that well... there was a big match on the day we got married so apologised for them missing the match in a jokey way... and just thanked people for making the effort to get dressed up/travel and for being part of our day. If I never met them (like plus ones) just said thank you again and that I was looking forward to meeting them/seeing them on the dancefloor later... Once you get started it actually gets easier. If I was going to do it again I would tie it with a ribbon (rather than the elastic)-would look nicer!!!
Ycart Posts: 3
Hi Everyone - love reading your stories about the extra touches you all did or are doing. I think Id like to do a few bits too :-) Love the idea of the personal messages and would love to do the luggage tags also seen a lovely idea - Thank You for sharing our first meal as Mr & Mrs - I thought this was cute :) Happy planning
craftyPB Posts: 2625
[quote="Ycart":3rq0letu]Hi Everyone - love reading your stories about the extra touches you all did or are doing. I think Id like to do a few bits too :-) Love the idea of the personal messages and would love to do the luggage tags also seen a lovely idea - Thank You for sharing our first meal as Mr & Mrs - I thought this was cute :) Happy planning[/quote:3rq0letu] We wrote a thank you message for each guest on the back of their individual and personalised menus (we made GF, LF, Vegan and Vegetarian menus for those who required them along with the general menu). We typed it all on a computer as far as "thank you for sharing in our first meal as" and then hand wrote "Mr and Mrs Leemon". It was very quick, simple and easy to do, but guests thought it was a nice touch.