Extreme Gravity - Courtown

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Jims Doll Posts: 356
Hi Ladies, Just in case your looking for somewhere to bring the kids (kids have to be over 1.3m which is about 9/10 years old) or even for a hen or stag or just for a bit of craic. (AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT AFRAID OF HEIGHTS) Went to Extreme Gravity in Courtown last sunday. to explain it simply its like an assault type course but your on a harness and it is up about 30ft or so in the air. You have to try walk across wires or poles and hop from one thing to another. There is a higher level one as well. You can get to do a climbing wall and a zip line also. It was excercise too my arms are still aching 3 days later. Just thought id let ya all know. Really enjoyed it.
YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
sounds like great fun jims doll must try that out, after if had the babs that is
Jims Doll Posts: 356
Yeah couldnt believe how much i enjoyed it. Girls bet boys that day. There was 5 girls and 5 boys (some adults some kids) 3 of the men pulled out and only one little girl didnt do it.