Eye Infection?

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Lady Di Posts: 2487
LO seems to have developed an eye infection today. Kind of green gunk in her eye. I've just been bathing it with cooled boiled water and cotton wool but if its not better tomor I think I might bring her to doc. This happen to anyone else?
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Just bumping this. Have bought her to the doc as its got worse and in both eyes. I have drops to put in but its practically impossible to get them in, so if anyone's LO's have had this and you have any tips on how to get the drops in then I'd really appreciate it!!
littledolly Posts: 393
Lady Di DD had conjunctivitis a few weeks ago - it was going round the nursery. She got drops too and it was a nightmare to get them in, although she wasn't too bad at tolerating them being put in. I just got DH to distract her and try to hold her head, while I moved at the speed of light putting them in. God love her, she had a really bad cold at the time and had to get drops up her nose as well. So sorry that I don't have any real tips, but I found that using the drops, wiping with the cooled boiled water and making sure her face was clean from dribbles, etc to stop her rubbing them in her eye, meant it was all cleared up in a few days. Good luck with it!
Hepburn Posts: 4081
You are probably sorted by now but just to let you know that my daughter had this recent;y and the pharmacist said to add a pinch of salt to cooled boiling water and wipe across the eye with a flat cotton pad. It worked extremely well. I only had to do it twice.