Eye Laser surgery (optilase? or Private?)

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Mhl Posts: 125
Hi All, I am thinkng of making an appointment with Optilase as they seem to have a good deal when you are with VHI,Quienn & Bupa. 4 People in my office got it done all in different private clinics in Dublin and paid a good bit more as its private. They have told me that I would be mad not going private and should go to these other places and have told me many bad stories (none of course of the prvate hospitals). Hmmn... I would just love to hear about some one who got this done and what they wouuld reckomend. :wv
JellySnakes Posts: 2201
Hi MHL, i had laser eye surgery in Optilase in Dublin around 2 years ago. It was the best thing i ever did,the op was over and done with in no time and the results are amazing!!It didnt hurt but your eyes get very dry and irritated afterwards for a day or 2,the clinic will give you drops to use for a week or so. I had been wearing glasses from the age of 5 and was as blind as a bat without them,so the feeling of being able to see just a few mins after the op was unreal,just amazing! I would have no problem recommending Optilase and the staff there as i found them to be very helpful and nice. Best of luck with whatever you choose.hth :wv
babybambino Posts: 940
I found Optilase brilliant too, I had mine done Novemebr last year, they are very thorough with their aftercare. The clinic provided a biography of all the surgeons in the clinic when I went in for my consultation, these might be availbale on their website too. I went with them because of the convenience of the location, because a friend had it done there and recommended it and I was impressed at the consultation with the professionalism of the staff and experience of the surgeons
duffgirl78 Posts: 160
I had mine done in optilase nearly a year ago now and I would highly recommend them. Optilase is a private clinic. I am not sure what you mean by the others being private and optilase not being private. Anyway, I found their after care very good and they are open late some evenings and weekends. The deal with the health insurance companies is great and makes it a bit easier on the pocket. You also get some money back from the revenue too. I did a lot of research when I decided to have the surgery done and found that some of the clinics charge €500 per eye but charge for every visit, anesthtist, etc. With optilase its all included in the price.
Miss Jingles Posts: 215
I got mine done last September in Laservison and would recommend them. My eyes watered for around 3 hours afterwards but then prefect vision! Best advise I would give is to go to Optilase, meet your surgeon and see if your conformtable. There are loads to options available so shop around. Most expensive doesn't mean the best. Mine cost around €1500 per eye with VHI discount.
caitcurran Posts: 159
I got laser eye surgery done about 6wks ago in Optical Express. Delighted with results :wv
shybride09 Posts: 250
Optilase is a private clinic. If you didnt have private health insurance it would cost nearly as much as the wellington.. I paid €1195 per eye for wavefront lasik, that was after my quinn discount, if i didnt have the quinn healthcare it would have cost nearly 4k. I found them great, had mine nearly three months ago and couldnt recommend them enough. 20/20 vision now.
Mhl Posts: 125
Hey All, Many thanks for your replies. I have made am appointmemt for the initial consultation for this wednesday. :o)ll
BlossomHill Posts: 2169
What clinics or companies offer this procedure? Which is the best option for a very sqeamish scaredy cat ?? I literraly shake like a leaf in dentist chair but would so love to get it done. Are you allowed take relaxing tablets beforehand ??
BlossomHill Posts: 2169
bump :wv