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MRSHAPPY07 Posts: 464
Has anyone done this? could you recommend anyone in the Cork region, not sure who I should be contacting... :thnk
Loops Posts: 287
I had it done about 4 months ago and - should have done it years ago. I'm in Dublin so not to sure about Cork but a girl in our Cork office is talking about getting it done in
MRSHAPPY07 Posts: 464
Thanks loops I have just emailed them.
Loops Posts: 287
If you have any questions regarding the surgery feel free to ask me !!
Picasso Posts: 645
I had this done in Dublin about a month ago and so far so good!! Loops said that she should have done it years ago I'm thinking that way now too. I was nervous beforehand but it's no worse than a visit to the dentist TBH. Good luck!
Loops Posts: 287
Isn't it great - Where did you get yours done !!
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
had mine done last month. Its great! No more glasses :o)ll
Finished here Posts: 2860
Can't recommend anywhere in Cork but had mine done in Dublin in national eye centre. just got it down last month and their aftercare is fantastic my eyes are taking a long time to heal and unfortunately sight still not clear due to dry eye and remaining inflammation - this isnt serious or uncommon iam just unfortunate ! but they have seen me every week since surgery so at least i know they are doing the very best for me ! I even bumped into the senior opthalmist in the bank one day and she suggested i pop back with her for a check up !
Picasso Posts: 645
[quote="loops":21tibxa6]Isn't it great - Where did you get yours done !![/quote:21tibxa6] I am delighted with the results and am loving not wearing my glasses anymore :o)ll . Got it done in the Mater Private in Dublin, they have a great setup there. I couldn't believe how busy it was - any time I've been in, there are people coming and going the whole time.
justme Posts: 1700
I am seriously considering this myself, I left my lenses in overnight last weekend and oh my god the pain was horrific Let us know how you get on if you go ahead