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idonno-1 Posts: 60
I started going to get my eyebrows waxed in the beauticians because I was making a mess of doing them myself. The girl told me I should get them tinted the next time. I would like to get it done for Christmas but i'm terrified they will look funny or be too dark. I have blonde hair (dyed from brown) so not sure what colour she will tint them. Does anyone know anything about getting eyebrows tinted
October_2007 Posts: 937
I get mine done all the time, the beautician will know the correct colouring to use so dont worry. By the way, you should try eyelash tinting too - really makes a difference!
idonno-1 Posts: 60
Thanks for that. I got the patch test done for the eyebrow tinting, do you think I will need to get another test done for the eyelash tinting?
October_2007 Posts: 937
Hi There, Not sure about that but my guess is yes, your salon will probably want to do a patch test for the eyelash tinting too! October_2007
Anonymous Posts: 24542
idonno-1 Posts: 60
Thanks for the advice I decided to go ahead and booked in for a eyebrow tint and shape and an eyelash tint. Hope it turns out ok.
venus08 Posts: 104
Hey idonno! I get my brows tinted and waxed all the time and think it makes a huge difference. Definitely recommend it! You'll find it strange at first, but will get used to it and I'd say you will definitely get it done again. Good luck! :o)ll