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mightymammy Posts: 52
Ahh since my teens i've battled with the eyebrows i've plucked and waxed them to death and now they are disappearing and trying to grow them back, they look awful. ohh to go back to my teens and just tidy my eyebrows up and not pluck them to death!
deborahcurranmakeup Posts: 174
Best not to touch them at all, and get them professionally done. I am sure some hairs will grow but unfortunately you may have some gaps that don't grow back. Benefit browzings is very good as its a wax and a shadow and gives a lovely finish. They will show you how to use the product and fill in the gaps to get that really defined look. Otherwise you could use an angle brush and a matt shadow to fill in the gaps and brush through after. No matter how bad you think they are they can be helped and using the right products will hide the gaps until they grow a little thicker. :) Deborah Curran Makeup www.deborahcurranmakeup.ie http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kildalkey ... 9004647195