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CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
Thanks girls x
seedee Posts: 1017
MOVE!! thats all i can say. you dont HAVE to stay there, and all other means would be long, drawn out and painful. moving will take a couple of days. i think in this instance, id be putting the foot down.
petri Posts: 574
TBH Id move! It doesnt sound like u are happy there at all and if OH wont move Id move on my own! I wouldnt be happy to stay u are probably getting stressed and that is not good for ur health :eek In a way its lucky that u are only renting and that u can move as it would be harder if u had to sell!
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Hi Carolina Moon We used to live in an apartment, that sounds similar to your house, in terms of patio, front door into car park etc. We had noisy neighbours above us... they could fight for Ireland. But, it wasn't constant, and I think if I had to deal with the mucking about you deal with, I'd be looking for somewhere else to live. When will you be buying your own place? If it's fairly soon I'd stick it out, cos moving is the pits, but if you are talking a couple of years I'd be having a serious chat with DH about how I hated living there. It's not good for you, to have to put up with that stress.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Oh God, what a nightmare. I think the only thing to do is keep your head down. I know that sounds very defeatist, but as much as you can leave it for now. And move. You need to talk to your husband and get him to move. You're renting now yes? NOt in a position to buy your own home for a little while? So why does it matter WHERE you rent? Ok, there's the hassle of moving, I get that, possibly another house might be a little dearer. But in the grand scheme of things, if you've agreed to rent until 2013 (for example) then it doesn't matter where you rent, you'll still be renting. All this 'I hate hassle' is bull in my opinion, sorry to be harsh, but he needs to man up. THe neighbours sound like a nightmare, you hate the house, you're miserable, he should at least CONSIDER your feelings, it should at least be an option on the table open for discussion. I normally would say that the people causing the trouble should be moved on and you should be allowed to stay where you are, but in this case it seems all the neighbours are pretty much the same and they're not all going to move. Try not to worry too much, it's a scooter it's not the end of the world. Just try to keep your head down and ignore everything as much as possible. And put moving very firmly back on the table.
HippyChic Posts: 1812
Move. If your agent is already aware of the issues you're having with the neighbours they may even waive your need to give notice. Find somewhere that you can have peace and quiet in your own home and a bit of privacy too. Put your foot down with your H2B, find and view some properties this weekend and try and get out of there as fast as you can.
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Pack your bags and get out of there! Your OH won't be long following. Just call his bluff. It's a different situation if you have bought the property and are more or less tied to it but you are renting and so there's no reason why you can't be gone within a month. I wouldn't even waste my energy or breath trying to reason with neighbours and kids like that. Again as I said, it's a completely different situation if it's your own house and they're neighbours for life. In that case you have to make the best of situations and make an attempt to iron out any issues. What's your OH reluctance to move? Laziness? Money? Are you getting such a great deal in rent and saving for your own place that you won't be able to afford if you move elsewhere?
Gretchen Weiners Posts: 88
I have to agree with everyone else, you've got to get out of there. It's not fair on you that your OH is simply refusing to go, can't he see how upset you are. If I was you I'd get on to Daft straight away, there's still a few reasonably priced places out there to rent, do your research and then show him what's available. You can recruit a few people in to help you move, or just tell him that you'll do all the moving (hard work, but worth it for your own sanity). What happened last night was mild enough and look at how they reacted, what happens if you really lose your temper over their horrible behaviour, what'll the repercussions be then? I'd get out before then...
Emme Posts: 4735
I agree...MOVE! Safety is beginning to be compromised, you're not happy there so move. I'm sorry you're going through it all, I find living with or near others very stressful!
Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
Definitely move! I am of the opinion that a home should be a haven, this is clearly not the case for you. If your OH is so against moving (and I know the feeling, mines the same) just tell him you'll organise everything (I know that shouldn't be the case but clearly your in dire straits here). And if he won't agree to that, tell him you're going with or without him. As Jane Smith said, he won't be long after you. Ham it up if you have to dearie- tell him he'll be paying your therapy bills on top of the rent if you don't move!