Face Moisturiser - what are you using.

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newyorker Posts: 309
I need to get a new face moisturiser, actually I probably need to get new cleanser and toner too. I don't think my hormones are reacting too well with my existing products. I have pretty good skin, but I've gotten two spot like bumps under my eye which is unusual for me and I'm getting another one. I want to nip this now by getting good products that are safe to use. A friend of mine suffered really badly with pregnancy acne and I really don't want to go through that. Thanks girls :thnk
jewellb Posts: 2389
Oh jiggy I'm destroyed in spots having only got one before my period in the past! I'm goin to my gp soon and I'm going to ask her about mine, they have calmed down a bit bit there on my shoulders and back of neck yuck !! A product I used before that's amazing is the Vichy normaderm products, they really work so if she says it's just hormones im goin to stock up on this stuff!! Xx