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DecemberBride2015 Posts: 1
So it is 3 months to the big day and I am just wondering did any of you meet your florist before the wedding. My florist always seems busy and harassed when I call which has only been 3 times over the year and twice was to pay a deposit but to be honest I am just not sure what flowers are available or how my bouquet should be tied. I emailed her once to set up a meeting to which I got no reply so I rang her to follow up and was told to email my images over. Is this normal? My friend got married two years ago and she had a face to face meeting with her florist.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We et our florist face to face three times, one when we first met and decided to book her, one a year or so later to discuss in more detail and one about 10 weeks before the wedding to give her the jars, bottles, candles, bouquet charms etc. I'd definitely be looking to physically meet your florist!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
I met the florist twice. Once for a quotation & next times out a month before wedding to show her the bm colours & discuss flowers. To be honest I was happy enough to let her take the reins, I have no interest in flowers & completely trusted her judgment. They turned out amazing aswelol. With three months to go you have lots of time don't panic.
mrscmcc2be Posts: 40
I think a face to face meeting should be offered. It's so easy for things to be miscommunicated by email or over the phone. I have only spoken to my florist once by phone pay a deposit and secure the date but she said that I will have to drop in to chat to her closer to the time so I can pick flowers etc. My wedding is also this December. I think we still have lots of time for this so try not to worry. Have you much left to do? Biggest task at the minute for me is getting the invites ready to go. I put an rsvp date of 6th Nov on mine for wedding at end December. Now I'm thinking that is wayyy too early - nothing I can do about it now though. I was trying to factor in the fact that everything stops for xmas and I will need more notice than at other times of the year. :-8
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
To be honest any florists I know offer face to face meetings with their clients. Often they would set up a pinterest folder and share ideas that way and then discuss it. Let's face it everyone loves pinterest for wedding planning :) Personally I like to meet the couple who are getting married and if they are abroad I do a Skype so we can chat and I sing for them live that way which is handy when they are overseas. I think it's the least I can do since I am going to be part of one of the most important days of their life.
ClairebearO Posts: 80
I had a face to face with mine when I booked (over a year to the wedding date). But when I was about 3 months out and changed my ideas for what I wanted, my florist didn't have time to meet me unless it was a weekday (not a Friday or Saturday). I wasn't particularly happy about it. We spent about an hour on the phone instead over a lunchtime and we went through my Pinterest board and she emailed me through lots of variations of the flowers I wanted and exact colours to choose. It actually went much better than I had expected. We confirmed everything by email and then I had another call with her two weeks beforehand to finalise the details. In the end, my flowers were perfect and I was delighted. I'd be nervous if she was avoiding meeting you altogether and wasn't suggesting alternatives. Best of luck getting sorted.
allsĂșn Posts: 253
Is it possible for you to call into the shop and book an appointment with her. It's hard to fob someone off when they are infont of you. I have to say so far I have found the florists hardest to deal with. Luckly the lady we eventually got is lovely. We tried several, one I went out of my way to call past the shop (it's 40mims from me,but have seen her work and it's really good), she said she was really busy and made an appointment to call to see her following weekend, she'd forgotten about the appointment when I got there. I had brought my colours, printerest pictures and knew exactly what I wanted bouquet, buttons etc as I didn't want to have to make too many trips out there,but she told me to go away make up a folder with flowers and what I wanted and come back to her.I was gobsmacked as I had all the info with me, she wasn't even interested enough to ask how many bridesmaids I had. So I didn't go back after that. The second one, was a local one and I just dropped in one day, she went through all her packages etc and was lovely, she said if we decided to go with her just to call in with a deposit to hold the date. After my encounter with the first lady, we said we'd go with the local shop who were lovely, called in with a deposit. We were told she had her wedding diary at home and would call us back the next morning to confirm the date was still free before taking the deposit. We thought fare enough, two days later still heard nothing and so called, the shop.I was told she was really busy and would ring back later.that was four months ago. The third florist we went with is lovely. I've met her twice already and has said to meet her again after Christmas to the confirm and go through what we have finally decided on. It is hard to get appointments with her though and they have to make them a bit in advance. So at thins point nothing surprises me with florists!!keep at them for an appointment if you want one though. Afterall you are paying them for the service!
jemmaremma Posts: 36
Good to hear I'm not the only one having issues with the florists!! The first one was terrible at replying to emails, Facebook etc and then forgot our meeting so my mum organised a second one from our village who seems wonderful so far and has been very pro active in looking at my Pinterest and giving ideas. I've arranged to meet her in October, only two weeks before the wedding, so hopefully it'll all be grand!!
jenny7785 Posts: 158
Im a supplier (cake, not flowers) but sometimes I dont meet my brides. some are overseas and only turn up two days before the wedding. but i will say one thing, i also get brides who want to call into me every chance they get because they think that they are the only person in the world getting married, nothing against brides- im getting married next year and im the same. when i have an idea and i want a price on something i expect people to get back to me straight away and then i remember how hard it is when you have people calling into you constantly. and you still need to get all the work done aswel. some days i literally turn off the lights and lock the doors so i can get some work done in peace. give her a chance to redeem herself. arrange an appointment mid week when there are less weddings on, if you turn up and she has forgotten the appointment then tell her if she cant keep the appointment then how can she be trusted to do your flowers and if you cant sit down face to face and organise everything you want your deposit back so you can go else where. theres always someone else willing to do the work. but give her the benefit of the doubt to start off with because she might just be crazy busy
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
AllsĂșn that is bad luck with those florists, so unprofessional of them...seriously do people not want the business?! Glad you found a better florist in the end. I met our florist twice, exchanged emails with photos and had a lengthy phone call too. She was very thorough & did a fantastic job. DecemberBride2015 I would email the florist your photos straight away and like jenny7785 said give her a chance to meet you afterwards. If still no meeting or satisfactory reply in 2 weeks I would look elsewhere as your wedding is getting fairly close. Where are you based, my florist is in Kildare & I am happy to PM you her details if you are getting nowhere. Best of luck!