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takemeout Posts: 254
Nothing like a good fb clearout! The way I look at it is - if you met said person on the street would they say hello to you..if not well then defriend!! Too many nosey bodies out there. In saying that its up to each person what they post so they can't complain if people know their business! I blocked a load of people from seeing my wall last week...kind of people you want to see their stuff but dont want them to see yours and the kind of people you just have to accept. :o0 One of them was my brother, everytime I visited my home house he'd say in front of my mother oh i saw such a post or i saw what x said about your comment or photo. UGH do you HAVE to say it everytime in front of mam you teenager O:| :o0
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
Yep I have Generally they're none the wiser bout it!