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FastLane Posts: 252
Hi all, hope someone can help! I accidentally left a comment under someone's status update that was meant for someone else! I went onto my profile and removed it, but it still shows up as a comment under that status update - I'm on my phone & can't get to a computer at the moment, just wondering if it has actually been removed or not? It doesn't show up on my profile page anymore?!
Claddagh1981 Posts: 1117
Id say its been removed, once you have deleted it, it may just have needed to be refreshed before it didnt show :)
FastLane Posts: 252
Thanks for replying! Yeah I refreshed a few times and it seemed to still be there so I googled - funny how I thought of WOL before google! It seems you need to swipe across the comment and a little red delete button shows up, seems to have disappeared now, thanks again!:-)
sona sasta Posts: 585
I dunno, i'd say deleting the comment from your profile just takes it off your profile page/timeline but it could still be under the other persons status on their page. There should be an option to delete the comment once you're on their page but maybe not on the phone.
Claddagh1981 Posts: 1117
no probs fastlane, I hate the new facebook its so different and bloody hard to use :o0