Facials before the wedding.

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roisinmace Posts: 223
Hi Wollies, Looking for some advice please! I'm getting married in October and started my facials 2 months ago. I started doing the Guinot Hydradermie facial and my face exploded (sorry for the visual!) last week so I was due to go for my facial last Wednesday evening so I spoke to my therapist and told her that I thought the products used in the Hydradermie facial (nice and all as they were) were possible too rich for my skin so she suggested that I try the Beaute Neuve facial (also Guinot). Well, it was a gorgeous facial and everything smelled divine but my skin erupted really badly over the weekend again and is very sore and sensitive :eek :weep . I am now thinking that I should maybe start Dermalogica facials instead - what's anyone else doing and have you had similar experiences? Thanks wollies
Steph2 Posts: 1044
Hey, I've had the Guinot facials and they were fine for me. My skin is quite volatile but the Guinot was great thankfully. You could try Yonka - I've had that too and it's lovely and gentle, not as harsh or invasive as the guinot facials! I wonder if you're perhaps allergic to something in the guinot products then?? You poor thing :( I've also had Dermalogica facials and found them to be ok - wouldn't be my first choice though - I kinda feel like they don't do a lot for me but then everyone's different. When I've been for a facial I like to really feel a difference in my skin and I don't get that with Dermalogica - but it might be gentle enough to be just right for your skin so defo worth a try!!