A receiving blanket is not a strange thing for any new parent. Usually, these blankets are made for the purpose of wrapping babies; however, every blanket has to be bought with the convenience of the baby in mind especially considering that these blankets are for a baby. Even if you are not a new parent, you may have to consider purchasing receiving blanket at least to gift someone. Your choice should be based on: Comfortability for the baby Texture Washability Babies are a lot more sensitive to materials than adults and so special care should be taken. Is it comfortable? It is needless to mention that the newborn babies are highly sensitive. So, they will feel really uncomfortable if the blanket is rough. Mostly, the comfort of the blanket is determined by the material used. So, you can go through the product description of the item and decide if it is comfortable enough for your baby. Does it have a rough texture? Don’t buy blankets that have rough textures. It will be an annoying experience for the baby to feel the roughness of the blanket. Is it versatile? A blanket should be a versatile gift that can play a variety of roles; you should be able to use it as a nursing cover, a burp cloth, a good cover, swaddling etc. So, be sure that the product has such qualities. Is it washable? The material of the baby blankets should be easily washable (machine washable or hand washable). Once washed, it should not lose its quality or fade away.