Failte Door mat

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Jinja Posts: 95
Hi all I'm looking for a half moon Baroque style door mat which says Failte on it. Not a big fan of ebay or internet shopping so have any of you seen one in a shop anywhere? I am heading to Cork at the weekend heading down throught Wicklow to get there and heading home throught the Midlands so could pretty much stop anywhere. Thanks
Leanne24/05/08 Posts: 100
I have always wanted one of these! But have only seen them online and only on US sites. But maybe somewhere like the Blarney Woolen Mills might sell them? x
Jinja Posts: 95
Thanks Leanne looked on their website and no joy. I'm looking for something like this but with Failte written on it [img:326sbkpy][/img:326sbkpy] and ideally a celtic design
Leanne24/05/08 Posts: 100
Have you ever come across one before? Let me know if you do find one as this would be the perfect Christmas present for my mum and dad!!! x
Jinja Posts: 95
I haven't seen one but have seen them with welcome on it so figure that somewhere in Ireland you are bound to be able to get one that says Failte. My mate used to live in Limerick and she thinks she saw them in some shop but can't remember for the life of her where or what type of shop
MrsDecemberBride07 Posts: 594
you should try the likes of woodies, b&q and homebase, they always have loads of mats, maybe they'll have failte written on too.
daboy Posts: 229
woodies indeed had a cead mile failte one there a few years back so maybe drop in there to see if they still have one. It was not semi circle shaped, but a rectangle. I was on the hunt for one for ages myself any that was the only place I could find that had it.