Faint lines on tests

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WorrierPrincess Posts: 388
Hi So I said I wouldn't obsess but here I am after testing even though I'm not due AF til Sat/Sun - that is if everything is ok as I am just off the pill. I have no patience. I used a clear blue line test. I have a sliver of a blue line, so faint it looks almost grey/blue it's the kinda line that I think if I showed to someone else they would be like "where is it, what are you talking about". My line is no wider than | and very faint, I keep moving it under the light to see does it disappear/vanish. I have tested before over the years and I have never seen this before - the window has just been clear except for the BFN line. So the question is of the ladies who have tested and got faint lines - just how faint were they? Can you describe them. Thanks WP
mrs bwin Posts: 242
I've read on here about people getting faint lines and that is a BFP but never having it myself i can't confirm it. Maybe if you try another one tomorrow if may come up better. Fingers crossed
Ducky Posts: 2506
Lines can be faint, do another test early tomorrow and if still faint, get yourself to a doctor's!!
shakira Posts: 277
There is actually aline indented in the test so that a stronger line comes out through it if preg. Try again at weekend and good luck
WorrierPrincess Posts: 388
I think I might wait til Sat, HCG increases every 48hrs so hopefully it'll be strong enough then to give a more definite positive result. I might try one of the digital tests, no messing with lines, it'll either say PG or Not. Thanks for the response. WP
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I tested two days early and got a sort of faint second line. It wasn't so faint that I wasn't sure if it was even there (if that makes sense) - it was definitely there, but it was much lighter than the first line. You've tested 4 days early, so even though it may be a bfp, it's still so early that it's hard to tell. If you can hold out, I'd wait til at least Thursday and test again. Also, if you still get a faint line then, by Saturday I'd use a digital test - tells you straight off - either Pregnant or Not Pregnant. Best of luck ;)
andypandy28 Posts: 553
I tested 4 days early too and got a very very faint line, my DH didnt even believe it was there. I did another 3, all first response and the one clear blue and kept getting faint lines. Im now 12weeks and just had my first scan yesterday. The Baby was waving and kicking away, very active and all is fine, so buy another test and do it asap, its better to know for sure.
ToBeSept05 Posts: 97
I tested a few days early and got a very faint line, so faint that you could hardly see it, so the next day hubby went out and got a digital one one there is was the word you are just waiting for "PREGNANT", so I would suggest getting a digital one if you cant wait.
WorrierPrincess Posts: 388
Your all so positive i'm afraid to believe it could be true. I haven't told DH I even tested yet as this is our first month trying and I was the one that told him not to be obessing and wondering etc. And here I am testing in secret - I'm such a bad wife but I don't want to get his hopes up only to disappointment him. I might text him and say I'd like to test tomorrow am, buy the test on the way home and then if it's positive on the digital we will both be suprised. It would be a suprise to me because I truely am afraid to believe this mornings test. WP
andypandy28 Posts: 553
I found night times wee to have th most HCG not the morning. Good luck abd let us know Asap, ill keep everything crossed for you