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Elizabeth Bennett Posts: 682
I want to start a new thread for all of us who actually watch Fair City. It's not a very cool thing to admit but I freely admit that I love it. It wasn't always the case, the acting is pretty woeful most of the time but because of being restricted to 3 channels and a less than exciting social life I have become a regular viewer. I'm loving the Joe/Dermot story line and am really excited to find out what the hell is Lucy's story. The only family I can't stand are the Brennans, all of them! and also Leo, I actually like his character but god love him he can't act for toffee! So, anyone else watch????? Or am I the only one?
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
I tune in every now and then so could end up a pain in the hole asking questions! I guess in the long term Jo will make a return once she's completed her maternity leave? That Lucy storyline is intriguing alright. I read somewhere (probably on WOL :o0 ) where someone was throwing out the idea of her becoming pregnant by Wayne cos Doloras mentioned at some stage about loving to have grandkids? Now to the questions!! Has Dean left for good? And what about the Doctor that seemed to have Aspergers....can't think of his name, sorry :-8 ? I liked both of those. I hope they haven't. :o( I see Finn hooking up with Yvonne at the moment. I thought himself and Neasa would have another go (once she got over Turlough.....which was the craziest storyline ever!!! :o0 ).
Elizabeth Bennett Posts: 682
I think that was my theory on Lucy and Wayne(see I think too much about this!) Lucy she is a great character, very cryptic for Fair City, normally you can see the story lines way off. I didn't watch back when she was in it first so don't know what all that business with Deloras and money is about? Dean and Robert both seem to be gone but I think Dean makes a comeback at some stage. Not really that bothered if I never saw him again though! I don't think Robert is coming back, he was so funny and thought him and Sash would have made a lovely couple. Tonight is gonna show Dermot having to tell Ben that Joe isn't coming back. I saw Ben in the trailer having a hissy fit of some sort so looking forward to that :o0 :o0 :o0
paws2paws Posts: 737
Hi Guys Love fair city I do a recording link on my sky box so i dont miss it... Brilliant..
Babylou Posts: 724
Record it too :-8 Dh has a theory, that Lucy is the result of an affair Dolores's hubby had years ago and has been in care and is coming back to have her revenge.
paws2paws Posts: 737
Yeah i think your right something shady there see the social worker knew her too!!!
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Luka Posts: 1904
This is great! I LOVE FAIR CITY! Don't like the storyline of Suzanne flying so late in pregnancy, but I think the actress that plays her (Sarah McDowell) is pregnant again, so they have to write her out for her mat leave, I reckon she'll have the baby in australia (in fair city!) I've watched it almost since the start.....could write the script now I think!
IvytheTerrible Posts: 950
I must have missed an episode, where did David go? Oh Esther wrecks my head and I hate the way Yvonne talks (even on radio ads - broadbanttttttt). I still watch tho :action34
Elizabeth Bennett Posts: 682
I missed last Sundays episode too so not sure where David is either, hopefully he is gone for good. People annoying me this week in no particular order are Niamh, Paul, Leo and Yvonne. Niamh is such a whiny, moany cow. She is always so busy doing absolutely nothing! Rushing here and there, flicking her hair, pouting her lips, annoys the bejeasus out of me O:| O:| and does Paul ever take off that black scarf/coat combo. Scarves seem to be a big fixture on Fair City though, Val is constantly either taking on/off her beaufiful red velour one. :o0 On a side note, what was Sasha wearing in her hair last night, the state of her, she always looks like she's just come through a hedge backwards.
Luka Posts: 1904
David left after he had an argument with Esther, about her hiding Bela's passport, so he couldn't fly, meaning SUZANNE couldn't fly. I think he went to england- he had been working in Somalia before he came back a few weeks ago. Yes Yvonne annoys me too! When I was doing my pre-natal classes, the video showing car seat installation & use, starred none other than Yvonne Doyle! Enough to send you in labour! :o0 Very annoying voice. PLus, I reckon Dermot will relent & take back Jo, for Ben's sake of course ;o) It's funny that VAL was the chubby nun in father ted! Remember her? SHe took them outside for their daily punishment :o0