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MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
Anyone watch fair city? Can someone please tell me what's going on with the whole Judith, Luke and tommy thing? It's driving me mental!!! Thanks :)
Lily K Posts: 643
Haven't seen tonight's yet but in a nutshell.... Luke and Judith started an affair. Vivienne caught them so Judith 'fessed up to tommy. Tommy told her to carry on and to get it out of her system, he's confident Luke will let her down and she'll stay with him(Tommy)... Ridiculous storyline :o0 :o0 Hope that's along the lines of what you were asking :o0
Luka Posts: 1904
I sure can!! Right. IN 1986, Luke & judith dated. Luke fell out with his parents over land & left for canada. Tommy (Luke's brother) was secretly in love with Judith & when Luke sent her a ticket to join him in Canada, Tommy intercepted it & Judith thought Luke had just left & forgotten about her. Judith went on to marry Tommy & have 4 kids. When Luke returned to Ireland, Tommy admitted he intercepted the ticket, which Judith knew nothing about. Judith also admitted she had gotten pregnant by Luke, but lost the baby. Luke didn't believe it initially, thinking Neasa was his daughter, but her birth cert showed she was born in November 1987 & as Luke left for Canada in 1986 that wasn't possible.SO LUke & judith have been having an affair which tommy knows about & seems to be ok about as he can't lay blame since his affair with jo. He's hoping it'll burn it's out. I can't see that happening thou. Hope this helps!!
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
Thanks girls. Thanks Luka for the history! It's been annoying me for ages!