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randomusername Posts: 2134
Anyone watching this? The family she's helping are so scruffy, I feel sick looking at the state of the house and the mother doesn't look like she's washed in years :hic The presenter one is a bit mad too, she's super condescending but she's almost funny. Fair play to her staying in that house, not for all the money in the world would you get me through the door
trance Posts: 3129
I watched this watermelon, I could not believe she stayed in that house and brushed her teeth in that manky bathroom, how do people live like that, so messy and dirty, the dog was the cleanest thing in it!! As I watched it though I felt sorry for all of them, the mum clearly had issues and the son just broke my heart, when he went to his boxing and enjoyed it, bless him and at least the daughter got a job and has kept it and is enjoying it. She's sort of like Supernanny for the unemployed yer one isn't she?!!
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
Oh, I sky +ed this as I thought it looked interesting, haven't watched it yet. Is it any good?
IvytheTerrible Posts: 950
Have been watching this for a couple of weeks. Apparently the FJM (is her name Karen or something?) came from a council estate herself too so she doesn't seem to bat an eyelid :o0 :o0 :o0 . It was clear that the mother had issues, I wondered was she depressed or something but it's the kids you feel sorry for. Amazing what taking an interest in a person and a bit of encouragement can do! I did kinda wonder whether the people who have vacancies and do the job interviews feel obliged to give them the job though? It just doesn't seem true to life for me, having no interview experience and then getting the first job they apply for. Maybe I'm just jealous because I've had loads of interviews without sucess and would actually be qualified for the interviews I am getting :weep :weep :weep
trance Posts: 3129
I agree on the interview thing Ivy, I thought there's no way she's gonna get that job and her interview wasn't that great either, saying that, she's still doing the job and loves it so maybe she came into her own, I hope she did, like you say amazing what showing a bit of interest in someone can do. Has this been on for a few weeks this programme? I only spotted it last night, would deffo watch it again
IvytheTerrible Posts: 950
Ah ya, she's probably loving the job now and fair play to her, I just wondered whether they felt obliged to give her the job in the first place, she had no experience of retail and most employers seem to look for some. Also the interview questions seem a bit staged, yes they can ask you "where do you see yourself in 5 years time" etc but they can also ask you a helluva lot other stuff about your experience etc, their interviews seem like a walk in the park compared to what I have had :eek I know it was on last week as I watched it, the FJM was trying to correct a young fellas John Wayne walk, arranged for him to get his tooth fixed and put make-up on a facial scar he had :o0 , he got a job fitting wardrobes. Not sure about other weeks but if you really wanna see it, they might be on the C4 website :wv
randomusername Posts: 2134
I would imagine the show have jobs lined up for the people taking part and they prob have an agreement they'll be on a short contract and if its working out they'll be kept on where possible. There's no way you could do that show with the economy as it is at the moment and expect them to find jobs on spec. The mother last night certainly seemed to have major issues and the boy seemed painfully shy, actually both kids just seemed to have 0 confidence but with no one there to ever tell them they were doing well at anything its hardly surprising. When the daughter started crying when the hotel manager told her she'd done a decent job cleaning the room my heart broke. I mean what kind of life must she have if someone barely praising her reduces her to tears?
I watched and think it's really sad that people get stuck in a rut like that. It really is a viscious circle for families like that and I think they give up on any ambition at all. It did seem like the mother wanted to carry on the way they were and I got the impression that change really scared her. God know's really what she has been through in life. I was delighted when the girl got the customer services job in Currys and even more delighted that 3 months down the line she was still there and enjoying it. Hopefully the brother will next one next and turn the family round a little.
Florrie06 Posts: 316
I'm glued to this programme for all the wrong reasons !! It's so set up - both episodes she lines up one interview for them and guess what - they both get it Hayley reminds me of Marjorie Dawes from Little Britain and her neck scarves drive me mad I was laughing silly when she did the makeover on the young girl then kitted her out with a neck scarf too ! The family this week were a right bunch of no-hopers but I guess it does go to show the effect of some motivation and building up of self-esteem, although I don't think the mother will ever get herself out of the hole she's in.
trance Posts: 3129
[quote="florrie06"] Hayley reminds me of Marjorie Dawes from Little Britain and her neck scarves drive me mad I was laughing silly when she did the makeover on the young girl then kitted her out with a neck scarf too ! quote] :o0 :o0 :o0 OMG, that's so true!!!