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Mrs.daffodil2010 Posts: 385
Hi wollies, I have taken a sudden hankering for a fairylight backdrop to be used on the wall for our civil ceremony (the ceremony is in the same room that our reception is in but the hotel will have it partitioned off). The partition has some kind of painting on it, its grand, but I am now thinking a fairylight backdrop might look amazing. Or is it worth the cash? H2B does not yet know of this latest idea of mine, I seem to be thinking of ways to push this wedding budget higher and higher. :o0 Anybody used or using one and what are your thoughts?
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
I'm getting a fairylight backdrop from Perfect Details in Ennis. On the back wall of the reception room is this mad mural of men on horseback and a pack of hunting hounds :eek No way was I having that! It's about €400 I think for the one we're getting. It's pretty large because it has to cover a large area. I'm glad we're getting it anyway as it will add to the look. :o)ll
fish12 Posts: 389
Miss Jingles Posts: 215
I'm getting mine through Celebrationz and costing me €550. That includes chair covers and sashes
SilverGirl Posts: 1517
I really want one but think it might be too pricy :o(
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
my cbm thing they are fab and wants me to get one she said she will pay but our wedding is in the summer and the mass is at 12 o clock so i think it will be too bright in the room to get the wow factor so I am not going to bother with one but if you are having a winter wedding and the room is dark I would get one Celebrations so them starting from 150 euro.
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
Hi ladies, I love those fairy light backdrops, they really add to the room. When my H2B and myself were looking at the hotel I asked about that and they said they had them and were putting it up for free for us. Maybeif you tried asking your hotel about it they might be able to sort something cheaper for you. *) A.m
zeusie Posts: 20
Love love love the the one thing on my wedding day i wud get again got mine in clonmel and it really gave the room the wow factor :wv
Mrs.daffodil2010 Posts: 385
Thanks Ladies, good idea about mentioning it to my venue first. I don't think they offer it though, after all, they have that "lovely" painting on the partition, but I will give them a go. Over the weekend I have been thinking about this, it would really have such a WOW factor when walking down the aisle..
FinesseWeddings Posts: 221
Hi Ladies, At Finesse Weddings we have fairylight backdrops which can be used and decorated in different ways. We also offer discounted rates when booked with chair covers. If you would like to email us on we would be delighted to quote you for same.