Fake Bake Lotion or St.Tropez Lotion ?

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JosieJ Posts: 75
Hi, Ok I know this topic has been done to death, but just wanted any new opinions on it. I'm fairly sallow skinned and take the sun easily, and I don't want anything too dark, just nice golden looking. Is the Fake Bake or St.Tropez better for doing it yourself? Don't want to get spray done as I don't trust anyone else to do it. Do you really not have to be careful with them like other fake tans ie: you just lash it on and then wash it off 8 hours later ? Is it that easy? Also any tips on getting it perfect ? ANd are both ok to use on your face? THanks!
alibride Posts: 370
i love fake bake its my favourite - my mam has all the st tropez tans, ie mousse, cream etc but i still prefer fake bake - getting the st tropez spray tan done next week for a wedding so will see how that goes - im as pale as a ghost all year round!!
MrsMoojez Posts: 374
I'd recommend the Fake bake but I got a beautician to apply it for me. It turned out PERFECT. I got a spray tan done recently and it was rubbish. I'm going to go with the Fake Bake for my wedding as it was flawless.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I have a question about fake tan. I'm as pale as anything and will definitely need a tan done for the big day, a big fear I have is it rubbing off on my dress. I got a spray tan done for a friends weddding (can't remember which brand of tan) and my dress was destroyed from the tan coming off around the underarms and bust. Is there some way of preventing this? Do all fake tans rub off? I've started doing the sunbeds, I'm only going to do a few sessions and I was told that because I'm so fair I probably won't get a tan from them anyway but I'm just going to try.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
would rate fake bake a million times over st tropez. I think that st tropez if you have sallow mediterranean type skin however on typically irish skin it doesn't work that well. The reason I would say this is because the st tropez seems to fade via a yellow-ish colour which really looks dreadful if your skin has a pink tint to it. Fake bake is extremely easy to put on especially since its tinted. It also doesn't streak half as much as st tropez. I've tried just about every fake tan and fake bake is the definite winner. I get mine cheap from www.beautyprescriptions.com, try them..