Fake nails - advice needed

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Mrsdm Posts: 1136
Hi girls, my wedding is in 5 and a half weeks so am thinking about nails. I have never gotten fake nails before but my nails are very weak so want something nice for the day. I have no clue whats the best, gel, acrylic or the 3 week manicure??? Which does least damage to your own nails? Thanks for any help :thnk
disney08 Posts: 575
Would you consider just getting a french manicure done for the day? The polish might do less damage than gel/glue if your nails are weak. I got one done for my wedding and it lasted over a week and looked fab.
Wenty Posts: 238
Defo go with the 3 week manicure....everyone's going to be looking at your hands that day and lots of photos of "de hands"...but like you my nails would be quite soft and having got gel nails before, my nails were in smids for about 6/7 months after I got them taken off...lots of nail conditioner/strengthener later and they're only getting back to normal...would never do it again!!! I'm going to try keep it as natural as possible (but also make them as nice as poss!!!)....x
gottabfp Posts: 5641
start painting your nails every day , taking it off with a good remover and put a new coat on. it amazing at how strong your nails get over a week. then get the manicure done for the wedding. there are also nail and hair tabs i took before our wedding which i found brilliant. same makers as them pregnacare tabs.
MrsAC Posts: 1190
You shud get the new 2 week nail polish its called Shellac it costes between €20/€30 , i've known a couple of girls that have got it done and they have bn delighted with the results !!! :wv
PetiteFeet Posts: 506
Depends on how much you like your nails! The gel nails will look good on the day and are quite natural but your own will be destroyed after them. I would get a couple of good manicures over the next few weeks and use a strengthener and then get them manicured on the day / day before.
perfection Posts: 837
i used to do gel nails and im telling you they ruin your nails... i dont care what any pro says!!! there is no air at all getting to the natural nail and therefore the nail softens as it would if you kept it in water!!! (imagine keeping ur nails in water for weeks!!!) i myself wouldnt have gel nails done and i wouldnt have any of my bms have them... a proper real manicure is my classier looking anyway...
vidia Posts: 2960
I had gel nails for my wedding and they looked fab and lasted 3 weeks but when they were taken off, my own were discoloured and not very nice! I dont think my own nails would take months to get back to normal tho.. When I went to get them off, I saw the ads for Shellac (SP) and basically they last about 2 weeks and come off with an acetone nail varnish remover, like the gel they wont chip and look great but dont damage your nails like the gel does! Id also recommend a good manicure if youre nails are nice, but i'd be afraid one would break the day before or the morning of the wedding, esp if you have weak nails..
whoop Posts: 1310
Firstly buy some Sally Hansen nail strengthener. Then after a couple of weeks using that get a Shellac manicure done. This allows your nails to strengthen and grow underneath. Don't get gel/acrylic nails done, your nails will suffer for an age afterwards.
LastRolo Posts: 6892
+1 The Shellac one is the best. The Gel nails destroy your nails afterwards. The Shellac nails are fab, and dont chip!