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Dezy26ni Posts: 321
sorry to sound green but could someone who has more of a clue than me let me know whether this is fake or real. I did a google for tiffany of sale as I wanted to find out if could pick up an item or two for my bridesmaids. Is this website tiffanys sale stuff (as some exclusive brands tend not to put sale items on their own website to protect there image) is it tiffanys seconds or worse it is fake? d
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
it's fake is the official site
Dezy26ni Posts: 321
how cheeky how can they get away with ripping tiffanys off like that on the web. thanks d
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Fake for sure!
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Hmmm seems to good to be true TBH
Dezy26ni Posts: 321
hmmmm you know! and now I know hmmm but would they know O:o) i think i will keep my wee treat trip to tiffanys until my honeymoon d