Fake Tan or Sunbeds?

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irishbrideinlondon Posts: 210
I'm not sure what option to go with... not too keen on sunbeds because of the danger that they can have. I deffo dont want to have a St. Tropez tan either, last time I got one it didnt really suit me cause I'm so fair I looked far to tanned then!! (never happy, huh?!!) Also my friend got married in Oct and she had a St Tropez and it came off on her dress on her underarms. Can anyone suggest any other options for me please? Wedding in May. Thanks in advance. x
Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
I think I'd prefer the sunbed route. Either that or a week in the sun before the wedding. :o0 Don'tlike fake tan. I can never get it properly and would be afriad it would stain my dress too.
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
please dont use sunbeds, its so dangerous & even if you arent worried about the 'c' word being tan will age you alot when your older.
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
How about the way God intended??? :o0 If that doesn't suit you I would suggest using the J&J or Dove moisturiser that does the gradual build up for a good few weeks before the wedding. This way you will have a light tan built up for the wedding. Just don't apply it on the day as like any fake tan will transfer to the dress. HTH :wv
corkbridetobe09 Posts: 194
Sunbeds all the way for me. Although I do like st trpez just think it will get on your dress and stain it. Its just a once off on the sunbed thats the way Im looking at it. I feel great with a bit of a colour. Good luck with your decision x
irishbrideinlondon Posts: 210
I'm quite happy to use the J&J one or the Dove one that build up a tan over time but I always find that them smell funny! Soory I'm such a fussy one, aren't I! Gotta laugh at myself! I dont mind buying a more expensive one that builds up over time if anyone can reccommend one. Dont want to spend £30/£40 quid on one and then not like it! Thanks girls! x
corkbridetobe09 Posts: 194
St.Tropez everyday is excellent. Prob need to start using it the week before the wedding maybe!
cax Posts: 258
I think sunbeds too. You may have a disasterous streaky fake tan on the day and that would be a complete nightmare and im not willing to take the risk. Im having sunbeds as i have exema on my arms and fake tan cakes on the dry skin.... the sunbed clears it up :lvs
chocbiscuitcake Posts: 658
[quote="NYEbride2010":3madatws]please dont use sunbeds, its so dangerous & even if you arent worried about the 'c' word being tan will age you alot when your older.[/quote:3madatws] I second this. Sunbeds can have such serious long-term consequences that I think it is definitely preferable to risk having a bit of fake tan mark a dress that you won't wear again anyway. I'm quite pale usually but do tan in the sun, with the result that I end up with a blotchy farmer's tan if I don't use sunscreen all the time. I love Fake Bake tan, it really suits Irish skin tones, isn't too dark and comes up a natural non-orangey colour. I've never had any problem with it rubbing off clothes - maybe put it on as a trial and wear a white boob-tube / halter neck top to see do you get any stains? On the dress issue - I'm interested to know why so many people determined to keep their dress spotless? Dry cleaners can work wonders nowadays, and I know that when we were small and occasionally as a treat my mum would take down her wedding dress (which was never cleaned) for her daughters to admire; and tell stories about how her mum had spilt her tea on the train of her dress at the end of the meal and show us the wee stain that was left. I always really liked this, it meant that the dress could tell a story! Obviously if you are planning to sell your dress afterwards, this would be different.
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I think it's more to keep it clean until you get to the church and pictures - after that I won't be worried :o0 There is a fabulous after sun - can't think of the name - it's very common and only about a tenner - comes in a blue tube - I love it but only use it on hols as it's an after sun. Will post the name if I think of it. Sorry :-8