fake tan - pongy!!!

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boda Posts: 99
I have treid lots of fake tans and used to swear by number 7 but have now been banned form using it as it "stinks" according to bf. (he's right!) anyone reccommend another brand that is asy to use, has colour in it so you can see where you have put it, suitable for fair skin? (other than st. tropez /fake bake, have already tried these)
mrs fifi Posts: 94
boda, unfortunately all fake tans stink (unless you use the instant wash-off ones). The smell is fron the chemical reacting with your skin, and it is this chemical reaction that changes your skin tone too, so its unavoidable to be honest! St Tropez is deffo one of the stinkiest, but honestly i have found No 7 and Lancome flash bronzers the least offensive. I put it on at night, and have my shower in the morning and lash on some smelly moisturiser, and its fine.
italia05 Posts: 16
Boda, there was a post on this just yesterday! try Guinot, brilliant for fair skin, easy to apply - goes on brown but comes up deeper shade later and most importantly doesn't smell bad at all.
boda Posts: 99
oops! sorry, didn't have time to look at yesterdays posts and am buying new fake tan at lunchtime as have "do" on tomorrow. thanks for the advice girls, like the idea of smelly moisturiser :)
queeny Posts: 117
Boda, I second Italia05, i've been using Guinot fake tan for about 4 years now and its great. I think you can only get it in beauty salons though. The thing i really like about it is its brown when you're putting it on so its more or less fooproof and it actually smells quite nice when its going on but like all fake tans it will start to whiff eventually. I would recommend putting it on with a tanning mitt from Boots so you don't have the old orange hand syndrome! My H2B always complains about the smell but as i often point out to him, he smokes and i have to put up with the smell of ciggies off him on a daily basis!
keara05 Posts: 70
They all smell nasty!!! I find lancome the worst offender, st. tropez isn't much better. My theory is that it depends on the type of skin you have though, some are smellier on some people than on others. Friend of mine swears by lancome and the smell is barely detectable on her but on me it stinks! Just gotta try 'em all!!!