Fake tan spray - Midus Touch, D22.

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annie1727 Posts: 193
Has anyone had it done in the above if so what did ye think? I was going to get it done Thurs afternoon for Fri night.
Calendar Girl Posts: 567
I have never had it done myself, but my friend has had it done there a good few times, she had it done for my wedding but I have to say it didn't turn out great at all it was VERY patchy! But she thought it looked well! Sorry can’t be of any more help!
mayb-2006 Posts: 128
steer clear! I turned out orange when I went there! :) theres a place called "pure Heaven" that does st.tropez and they're good.
Astra Posts: 1409
annie1727 Posts: 193
Thanks for the replies girls, if there is one thing I really hate its streaky/patchy/orangey fake tan. Think I will just do it myself with a bottle of lancome. Thanks again, really appricate it. :)