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fifteensept Posts: 565
Hi Girls Just wondering if any of you are using fake tan, I heard a couple of mixed stories about using it while pregnant. I have a Wedding tomorrow and especially this time of year we all look so white and plus my dress is black so need something...... Anyone heard anything
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
its fine to use, i used it the whole way through, i had loads of weddings, sun fx is supposed to be the best though as no alcohol in it but their is nothing proven that says its dangerous to use,.
lmc1978 Posts: 423
why wouldn't you be allowed use fake tan?? :ooh i have been using the tanning wipes all the way through....don't tell me that on top of giving up drinking and my fave goats cheese i have to look pasty for the next few months!!! Have i been doing damage??? WAHHHHH!
firefly78 Posts: 312
I have been using all the way though aswell, no way am I giving it up, I'm so white without it!
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
IMC1978 don't be worrying you didn't do damage if it was dangerous this would be the 1st thing docs would say as us women love our cosmetics and tans. I used st. Tropez myself and thats very smelly, just at beginning i kept it away from bump as i was afraid to put anything near there, that was just me though. Some beauticians are just a little weary of telling ye what you can or can use, i cant wax as my skin just went so sensitive and i really need bikini wax before i go to hosp. :-8
lmc1978 Posts: 423
Thats a relief. I swear if i hear one more thing im not meant to be doing i'll scream! :o0 oh don't start on the bikini waxes! haha. i've been using immac myself but want to get it done properly for the hosp! haha. what am i like? :o0
lisa Posts: 1612
Its ok girls, I read on some website yesterday thats it perfectly fine. Fake tan just sits on skins surface so wont do any harm. Panic over!
bettyboo!! Posts: 345
I have been using this all the way through as well and no problems. Been getting bikini line done also, hurts alot after as skin very sensitive but so worth it to feel and look tidy and clean. Got it done the other day just incase :o)ll