Fake Tan?

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Ivory Bride Posts: 111
How safe is it to use fake tan while pregnant I have already used St. Tropez and Johnsons but heard at the weekend it should be avoided and fake bake is safest because of its natural ingredients? what do you all think or do you have any info on this
Its a Secret Posts: 178
Also can I piggy back on this? I was wondering about spray tan (have a wedding in 2 weeks)
andypandy28 Posts: 553
I rang the beauty source helpline which is the Uk's suppliers of san Tropez, They assured me that its 100% safe to use it as it all natural ingredients and only penetrates the top layer of skin. Here is the number if any of you want to check 01159836363. I use it about twice a week, every week and simply cant give up tanning as I have given up fags, booze, all my fav foods, some im not going to sit around looking pasty, Im green enough looking as it is. Don’t know about any other tans. I have tried them all and find fake bake and san tropez the best.
anon42day Posts: 45
I have had a spray tan done while pregnant and nothing happened? Beautican said it was fine ....
charli Posts: 5994
used tans and had one or 2 sprays while pg - all fine