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splash Posts: 57
Are you allowed to use fake tan while pregnant?
Gallifrey Posts: 472
found this on the vhi website, HTH [quote:3bcev7na]Fake tan If you want to have the tanned look, it is safer to opt for a fake tan. However, due to the increased sensitivity of your skin during pregnancy, you should apply a small amount of fake tan to a patch of skin first to check for an allergic reaction. No research has been done into the use of fake tan products in pregnancy. Therefore, some experts suggest that these tanning options should be avoided in pregnancy until studies have been conducted to ensure they are safe for the developing foetus. [/quote:3bcev7na]
splash Posts: 57
oops! Thanks for that! I didn't even think that there would be a problem with it until one of the girls I was out with last night brought it up then nearly died when I said that I didn't know that I shouldn't be wearing it. The poor girl was trying to backtrack so hard it was funny! What are most of you doing? Avoiding it?
littledolly Posts: 393
Hi Splash I avoided it during the first 12 weeks, but have been using it ever since. I use it most weeks just once a week. I asked my beautician about it and she said it was fine, except for one or two brands (which you only get in the salon and I forget the names). Some people are really against it in pregnancy, but I know lots of friends who used it and it never did any harm. From memory, someone on here is a beautician and she said it doesn't absorb into your skin, just tints the top layer of dead cells, so it's fine. Just my opinion......
Me Julia Posts: 1352
it really is fine, it is only working on the top layer of dead skin.