Fake wedding cake??

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Raheen17 Posts: 1
Hey!! Anybody ever have a fake wedding cake? How does it work? Any recommendations or ideas of price? On a really tight budget and thought of having just a display of desserts, macaroons etc but it might look like its missing something without the big cake in the middle, for anyone wanting a slice of cake I thought of the M&S wedding cake slices, has anyone tried these? Thanks!
maybride2017 Posts: 232
To be honest with you I think it would be weird having a fake cake, Why not make a desert stand and do home made cupcakes and get friends to chip in and help make stuff, I would find it weird going to a wedding and going up for cake to find out that it was fake then handed a m&s slice, like just have the slices laid out nicely instead, ya know? I don't think people are that bothered to not see a big cake these days, I couldn't be bothered with one, its extra expense that really isn't needed. Like if people get sniffy over not having a "proper" wedding cake after you fed and water them and then entertained them all day, Flip em!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
We had a M&S cake, fraction of the cost & very fresh & tasty.
jenny7785 Posts: 158
Im a cake maker and fake cakes arent a whole lot cheaper than a real cake. dummies cost the same as ingredients and it still takes the same amount of time, worth and materials to decorate them. and i thin they are harder to decorate most if the time
Annii Posts: 6
I think a real simple cake doesn't cost too much :D I love to watch the moment that the groom and bride cut the cake and eat it together :xox
leavesfall Posts: 19
I think that wedding needs real cake. You can make it simple but real. What's the joy of fake one?
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morganana25 Posts: 7
face wedding cake is not a good idea... I think it's not much cheapper than a real one