fall @ 5 months pregnant

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sa08 Posts: 83
hey girls i took a bad fall yesterday eve face down and on my belly unfortunately. i feel ok overall just stiff and sore from trying to save myself. Have been feeling flutters which i imagine is the baby kicking like last week and havent had any spotting. my gp doesnt work weekends otherwise i would have gone to her just to be safe. just wonder did anyone else fall on their bump while pregnant and could you put my mind at ease thanks :thnk
goinloco Posts: 774
oh you poor thing, you must have gotten a fright :action32 sorry don't have any advice but i do know the baby is well protected :heartbeat: hopefully someone will have some words of wisdom for you :thnk
Daff Posts: 11644
hope you're feeling ok :lvs give the hospital a ring. Are you rhesus positive or negative? you may need a blood test to see if you haven't had one already just in case any of the babies blood mised iwth yours you'd need an anti D injection but give them a call and they'll let you know. try not to worry, I was in a car crash at 28 weeks and wrote the car off - baby was fine despite my complete and utter panic at the time :o(
sa08 Posts: 83
thanks for the reply's girls just thought i might be over reacting by ringing the hospital given that i am ok overall apart from the stiffness and wounded pride as it was in a shop.....:) but i better be safe than sorry. god daffodil mum sorry to hear about your crash and glad to hear you and baby are ok
CluelessGal Posts: 80
Hi SA08, give your hospital a call to be on the safe side but as other posters have said baby is well protected. I fainted and fell at 17 weeks at home and although i didnt fall directly on my bump and felt fine afterwards i rang the hospital just in case. They told me to come if i have fallen. All was ok in the end. They did a scan and some bloodtests and sent me on my way. So definatley don't panic. Hope your ok!