Faller's in derry for engagemant ring??

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bigbelly2 Posts: 29
Hi just looking at fallers website and it seems great value and quality for platinum diamond rings.Just wondered has anyone purchased an engagement ring with them and if so is it really worth the trip up north for it?? We will have a limited budget ``so really want as much for our money as possible.thanks!
trinity10 Posts: 82
Can't recommend them enough. I just got my wedding ring from them and I absolutely love, love it. They made it to go with my ER. Very professional and really nice bunch. Defo worth the trip and foyleside shopping centre is very good for deals too. Picked up a few bits for the honeymoon there.
early days Posts: 691
We got our wedding rings there, not the engagement ring as we didnt know about this kind of thing (wasnt a wollie!) when we got engaged. Didnt even want to know how much we would have saved as would probably have puked :o0 Will definitely go there next time I get engaged :o0
Asics Posts: 1935
Do you mind me asking how long it took to make your ring ? I will have to get mine made to fit aswell :thnk
trinity10 Posts: 82
3-4 weeks. Went up first time to have a look and discuss, then went up about 3 weeks later to check it out. Then had the diamonds put in and finished it in another week and they registered posted it down in a day.
Asics Posts: 1935
Thanks Trinity10 your a star & thats not to long to be without my ring ive gotten a few quotes already & some places said it would take 12 weeks :eek
masie 09 Posts: 78
I couldn't recommend them highly enough. We got our wedding rings there, absolute bargains and the staff are wonderful. Wish we knew about them when we were looking for engagement rings
Asics Posts: 1935
Ive just looked at the fallers site their rings are fab. Ive e-mailed them with a pic of my engagement ring so hopefully they will come back with a quote :thnk
mummyofone Posts: 130
wish I had known about them too when we got engaged but we got our wedding rings there. I thought they were really professional and picked out the perfect ring to suit my engagement ring. gave lots of advice and engraved them while we walked the walls. We are both so happy with them.
bigbelly2 Posts: 29
thanks for the replys, great to hear good feedback. we had been thinking of going through bluenile as again much moe reasonable, but i prefer to be able to actally go and see the ring first and try on different styles etc.. the rings on their site look fab and great pices, one in paticular, i was looking at basically same one in jewellers in city( dublin) and it was actually double the price and apparently that was reduced :eek Anyway have told dp this is were we are going to look, so hopefully in next couple of months i will finally have my ring - have been waiting 8 years for it so am a little impatient lol