falling arch?

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
on and off for the last month when i get out of bed during the night when i put my right foot on the ground i kept thinking i was stepping on something under the arch of my foot but then i started to notice that i wasn't - that its like a muscle (or something) along the arch of my foot is touching the ground when i put my foot to the floor when getting out of bed and yesterday and today its happening when i get up from sitting down too. i can't put my full weight on it or else it feels like my whole foot will cramp up - anyone else had this?
Terrier Posts: 283
I've no advice but know how you feel. I do alot of walking and at the moment whenever I do a long walk my arches really hurt me. I think its carrying the extra weight around....not sure though
bunnyhop1 Posts: 419
I do!!!Well I did all through the 2nd trimester...it only happens the odd time now!! I had to get arch supports..just got the scholl ones in the chemist and used tubular bandage...make sure you wear fully enclosed shoes with good support this will help stop the arches falling and the feet from spreading!! My physio also recommended some simple exercises...so maybe ask one for some advice :wv :wv Hope that helps Bunny :o)ll :o)ll