False Negative?

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2crazy Posts: 1478
Am bit confused girls, I was due AF on the 7th of this month, 2 wks later and still no sign of it. I'm usually a max of 3 days late. Done tesco HPT on friday but got BFN. wondering could it have been a false negative and if I should retest? Have had serious cramps the last week. Not due to OV for another few weeks so dont think it could be them.... Ah my head is all over the place with TTC :-8
s wife Posts: 1445
re-test for sure i had two false negative's and then a week later i had my bfp best of luck :wv
2crazy Posts: 1478
thanks s wife, will be sending dh to get another test, will get him to get a clear blue. really hope I am....
s wife Posts: 1445
even see if you can get the early response ones ,im only saying that because thats the one that gave me the bfp and not the clear blue plus it also said that you can test at anythime best of luck :babydust:
2crazy Posts: 1478
will get him to get those. fingers are crossed.
SuzyC Posts: 335
oooo im excited for you ..... fingers crossed
2crazy Posts: 1478
just told hubby to get a twin pack. hopefully we will get our BFP O:o) wont be able to test till tommorrow morning as viewing a house tonight,but is better to test than anyway
honeybunch Posts: 1218
Fingers crossed for you 2crazy
neeov Posts: 4256
best of luck, early response are the business!
2crazy Posts: 1478
sorry for late response, turned out there was no need to re test AF arrived the next day :o(