False Tan - which one??

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hannah Posts: 20
Just wondering can someone recommend a good false tan. I normally have a St Troez (not the spray) it comes up nice butis messy. Has anyone tried safe tan (Anne McDevitt do it) or Fake Bake or any other one? Thanks
MrsSan Posts: 475
Hi Hannah, I agree with you about the St. Tropez being messy but I think that the fake bake is just as messy. I am going with the St. Tropez for my wedding as I like it but fake bake is also very popular. Usually at weekends I wear Lancome Flash Bronzer which isn't as messy as the others but I find it a tad paler than the st. tropez.
starlight Posts: 171
i must have tried every false tan on the market except fake bake, which my sister used and said it wasnt as good as the one we normaly use which is lanthuriec i think ive spelled it incorrect,it used to be yardley. its in a yellow pump bottle and it comes out the colour of foundation. you can see it going on which gives you an instant tan, then it depens after 2 hours, you can go out with it on the minute its applied as aposed to san tropez looks like dirt when it goes on. 2 showers and its gone and it doesnt steak or give orange elbows or hands,but wear gloves when applying. its gives a lovely foreign natural tan, the best by far
Ettybertie Posts: 306
Safe Tan is quite good and not really that messy. I am totally useless with St Tropez. Even the spray is bad. Safe tan is a liquid you put on a spongey paddle and paint yourself... It dries really quickly as well.
nutty Posts: 154
I'm using St Tropez, it's messy but the end result is well worth it. I have used Fake Bake, i felt it just as messy as St Tropez but the colour didnt look as natural on me. Everyone is different though.